Only One New Kindle Coming To Australia

Only One New Kindle Coming To Australia

You may have read the exciting news this morning that Amazon has launched a few new tablets, including a few shiny new Kindle Fire HDs, the Kindle PaperWhite and the stock-standard Kindle we all know and love. The bad news is that only one of these new Kindles is going to be available in Australia, and I’m almost sure not the one you want.

The one you probably want is the sexy new Kindle Fire HD with its OMAP processor, 16GB storage and sweet 4G connectivity. The only one you’ll get is the $US69, stock-standard Kindle, which in Australia will cost you $89. Tack onto that $10 postage and you’re paying a grand total of $99 for the new Kindle in Australia.

The $89 Kindle is the only Kindle that Amazon says (via its website) will ship here, and in a press release announcing the “Amazing New Kindle”, Amazon only mentions the $89 base model.

It’s not a huge surprise, really, especially considering that the first Kindle Fire never made it to Australia and that the top-of-the-line, 4G/LTE-supported Kindle comes with data plans specifically geared for sale in the US-market.

You can certainly give importing one a go, but a lot of the Amazon content you’ll want to view on the tablet will be region locked. It might all just bit a bit too annoying to bear.

If your heart is dead-set on getting a 7-inch, Android-powered tablet released by an company with decent e-book cred, check out the new Kobo Arc.

Otherwise, you can pre-order the new Kindle starting today and orders will start shipping from 12 September. [Lifehacker]