One Key Way The iPhone 5 Totally Destroys The Competition

One Key Way The iPhone 5 Totally Destroys The Competition

We got hints from an early Geekbench result that the iPhone 5 was going to be flying. It seems that Apple has really has worked some magic, both with iOS 6 and its custom silicon to make the iPhone 5 absolutely blazing at crunching JavaScript. Browsing on the iPhone 5 is going to be lightning quick.

AnandTech managed to grab an iPhone 5 review sample to run some quick SunSpider Javascript benchmark tests, and you can see for yourself below. Not only does the iPhone 5 destroy Android’s best, but it beats Intel’s Atom chips too.

A couple of caveats here though: This browser test uses the default browser on each platform, so those of you using Chrome on Android could see faster results (let us know in the comments if you get a chance to run it). According to Intel, as this kind of processing relies heavily on the memory interface of the SoCs, its Atom could easily best chips based on the Cortex A9 spec because of memory speed issues. It seems Apple’s custom silicon has removed these kinds of memory problems, making the iPhone 5 the fastest mobile Javascript cruncher ever seen.

Hopefully the rest of the system is absolutely blazing too, because no one likes to wait around for things to happen. We all suffer from hourglass syndrome, right? [AnandTech]


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