One Key Way The iPhone 5 Totally Destroys The Competition

We got hints from an early Geekbench result that the iPhone 5 was going to be flying. It seems that Apple has really has worked some magic, both with iOS 6 and its custom silicon to make the iPhone 5 absolutely blazing at crunching JavaScript. Browsing on the iPhone 5 is going to be lightning quick.

AnandTech managed to grab an iPhone 5 review sample to run some quick SunSpider Javascript benchmark tests, and you can see for yourself below. Not only does the iPhone 5 destroy Android's best, but it beats Intel's Atom chips too.

A couple of caveats here though: This browser test uses the default browser on each platform, so those of you using Chrome on Android could see faster results (let us know in the comments if you get a chance to run it). According to Intel, as this kind of processing relies heavily on the memory interface of the SoCs, its Atom could easily best chips based on the Cortex A9 spec because of memory speed issues. It seems Apple's custom silicon has removed these kinds of memory problems, making the iPhone 5 the fastest mobile Javascript cruncher ever seen.

Hopefully the rest of the system is absolutely blazing too, because no one likes to wait around for things to happen. We all suffer from hourglass syndrome, right? [AnandTech]

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    Internet browsing is only ever as fast as your service provider and who the hell can read these tiny screens for more than an absolute necessity scenario like registering the car or something else important when on the move? You wouldn't actually sit down and "browse" on anything smaller than a tablet.

      Do you carry a tablet with you everywhere?

      I wouldn’t choose my phone for browsing if i had a laptop open beside it, but there is plenty of occasions where i am away from a computer and i need to know something, i use my phones web browser many times a day.

      If the site is coded properly, it can be very easy to read. Metafilter for example.

      I do quite frequently. Although I'm often on my laptop, there's plenty of time in the day when I'm not near any accessible computers, but need/want to know something.

      I do every day, while my tablet sits in a cupboard, unused. I prefer browsing on my phone and even it's 3.7" screen is plenty big enough for me. Of course, my PC is still my no. 1 preference but my tablet is a distant 3rd to my phone. Much to my surprise, I even find the phone a perfectly useful e-reader.

      How about every day for 30mins each way on my commute to & from work?!

      500ms?? such a miniscule amount of time, which would only be relevant if there wasn't so many other bottlenecks to contend with.
      if this is the one key was the iphone5 destroys the competition then Apple haven't got much to go with

    Lol. It runs Javascript faster? That's really clutching at straws. :)

      Is it? Considering this is what most people will use their smart phone for, I doubt it.

        People use their smartphones for javascript?? 0_o

        Most people use their phones for javascript? What the flying fuck? Not calls/apps/messaging?

        Then why make the screen so small?

      exactly. im an iphone guy (prefer them as ive used them since they came out) but this article seriously has to be a joke.

      there are so many other features that are better on the iphone side imo. A benchmark which will probably be beaten in a few months shouldnt be a selling point.

    So how come Safari is so ordinary on the desktop?

      Because it's not coded specifically to run with Windows? I would have thought that much was obvious.

        Then how come its so ordinary running on Macs then?

          Cause Safari is shit on Mac or PC but iOS Safari works better cause of that new chipset they threw in the iPhone. Probably tweaked a lot coding to allow high performance, or ever other phone has poor software to back up unneeded hardware power

    you should link that overall geekbench mark..

    GS3 with JellyBean - 1871

    iPhone5 with iOS 6 - 1601

      iphone 4S with ios6 - 2088 - so slightly slower than a GS3?

        actually just ran it a second time and got 1748 on my 4S.

        my post wasn't meant to be a reply to Jayzorz ;)

          I just ran it on chrome SGS3 (international) and got 1355.8

      GSIII quad core - 1754
      iPhone 5 - 1537

      Last I looked.

    wahoo, useless javascript browser optimizations. Yay!!!!

    "Totally Destroys The Competition" hahahahahahaha

    this would be so much more exciting on a larger screen phone. browsing on the iphone 4 is a pretty miserable thing to do...oh well, goodbye iphone!

    Looking at all the competition, I think Apple's really big advantage is that they can stuff all this into such a tiny form factor. They seem to be the only company making phones that aren't interested in making them bigger and bigger all the time, which is a philosophy I am totally on board with. I'd seriously consider an iPhone if it was a lot cheaper but when I could get a Lumia800 for $0 on a $29 a month contract, iPhone was never going to be in the running.

      First reply I've seen from you not flaming Apple (kinda :P)

      yes Apple has different way of view in term of making their hardware. But I do wish they make the screen slightly wider.

      Anyone can "stuff" the same guts into any size or shape they like, it's just that the others see bigger screens as the main selling point. If you like smaller screens then the iphone is for you :)

    HTC One X with stock rom, on Chrome - 1451.1 ms

    Are we getting a bit silly here, its a phone!!! are you going to be able to speak faster!!!

    Apple must be paying Giz's bills. Pretty obvious with articles like this.

      It's a conspiracy really. What are the odds, that when you give editors freedom of opinion, a majority of them agree that one product is subjectively better than another. They must be on the pay roll...

        Quiet you, you think that Javascript is what most people use their phones for. Do you even know what Javascript is?

      Yes. It's rather preposterous that Giz write anything about the biggest tech company on the planet, and why on earth would they find the need to write about speed test on a phone being released this week. Yes, let's just ignore Apple and hope they just vanish off the face of the earth. Orrrrrrrrrrr, you could just bypass Apple stories and save yourself a mind f**k? Win win isn't it!

    1497 with an old Galaxy s2 (i9100) on chrome, I'm sure something more modern would smash that I will have a go on my nexus 7 when I get home.

    (the S2 runs Cyanogen mod 10 nightlys if it makes any difference to anyone)

    I guess the finer points of javascript performance is lost on some people.

    This is good for sites with web-apps. But otherwise, for simple text etc. the network is the slow point.

    I find it hilarious that this is the only important way that it's faster then other phones. How about posting a graph about who processes flash quicker?

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    The all new iPhone 5 is teh l33t35t because it has 25% faster Javascripts?

    WTF. How desperate is:
    1. Apple; and
    2. The author of this article?

    I fully call shenannigans on this benchmark - I have a Galaxy S2 and I benchmarked 1345 which is apparently faster than a GS3

    So Javascript runs faster on the iPhone 5 does it? Yawn.
    My prediction for the iPhone 5… it will sell like hot cakes… why? This simply is because most people who own an iPhone have no real idea about technology or really care too much about it. To these people iPhones just work as well as seemingly do everything that they could ever want in a phone. So why are these people so compelled to upgrade each time Apple releases a new iPhone then? Simple… Apple is a master of marketing and to a great extent was also a master of design… or should I say Steve Jobs was these things?
    The original iPhone was the first phone that was a true game changer. It was a phone that every other phone at that time was not… beautiful, functional, well designed and above all completely different, and I can totally respect that.
    But, and I do mean but… the one thing that Apple has failed to realise and has been simply overlooked by its users over the last 5 iterations of iPhones (and iPads for that matter) is that their ‘ecosystem’ is simply too locked down and restrictive. Case in point is Apple’s iProducts cannot run Flash, cannot be easily customized to individual user’s needs and personalities. And above all, none of their iProducts are any good at content creation. If you don’t believe me, then simply compare the features of IOS to say Android or what Microsoft is doing with the Windows 8 – Windows phone 8 ecosystem. Windows phone 8 will simply leave IOS dead in the water, plain and simple. I think the next couple of years will reflect this as more and more Apple iFans realise what they will be missing out on.

    Good to see they've improved Safari, but I want to know if they've improved performance for other web apps. Other browsers (ie. Chrome) are held back because they don't have access to the Nitro engine from Safari, yet aren't allowed to implement their own.

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