One-Handed Condom Wrappers Need To Exist

One-Handed Condom Wrappers Need To Exist

Technology moves forward in leaps and bounds, but some designs never change. Men everywhere continue to embarrass themselves as they struggle to open condom packaging, and that’s why these one-handed wrappers need to a real thing.

A concept by London-based designer Ben Pawle, the newly designed wrapper is engineered to be opened with a single hand — to help boost confidence and sustain romance. Ben explains:

A durable outer foil layer with perforated design protects the thin inner sealed plastic membrane which preserves the condom itself. The design uses a one-handed finger snapping action to exert enough force to break through both layers, revealing the condom and forcing it to slide out of the wrapper between finger and thumb.

Truly one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” ideas, it’s surprising to hear that the concept actually emerged from focus groups exploring the difficulties faced by semi-paralysed hemiplegics, and not a single eureka moment. But regardless of how the idea came into being, one thing is for certain: these things needs to exist, like, now.

The prototype will be on show at London’s V&A museum during the upcoming London Design Festival. [Ben Pawle via Core 77]