Old iOS Music Accessories Should Work With Apple's New Lightning Dock Connector

For people like musicians who use more sophisticated 30-pin devices, Apple's switch to a new dock connector could potentially be devastating. Luckily, initial reports indicate much of this hardware will work with the new Lightning connector.

Just because a $30 adaptor will allow the new iPhone to work with an old iPod dock doesn't necessarily mean the MIDI devices and other input interfaces music producers use will be compatible. Create Digital Music spoke with experienced music hardware maker Line 6:

Line 6 is still testing their accessories with iPhone 5, but founder Marcus Ryle tells CDM, "Based on what's been announced, for audio products that operate using USB Host mode and follow Apple approved methods such as CoreAudio and CoreMIDI, I would not expect there to be any technical issue."

In other words, as long as hardware makers stuck to Apple's protocols, all your old gear should be fully compatible. That's still not 100% confirmed, but it's a relief to know that at least some — if not all — old gear will work with future iOS devices. [Create Digital Music]



    The problem is - $29

    Or...y'know....under 10 dollars on eBay.

      There are currently no legitimate clones on ebay, they are unable to clone it. So you either will never get it, or it won't work.

    Same with the bloody cables.

    Unfortunately, THE fall out I'm waiting for... will it work with my CAR... cos OMG THAT IS *THE* most expensive dock you can get!

    So it should be. It's one thing to change the design, but another to reduce funtionality.

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