NSW Wants To Increase Online Shopping Taxes

That's right. The biggest state in the country is pressuring the Federal Government to raise the import tax on online shopping imports. saying that the industry "isn't on a level playing field".

NSW Treasurer Mike Baird is the man behind the calls for higher GST on imported goods, and he proposes that the government get it done by lowering the GST-free threshold on imported goods down from $1000 to roughly $30 according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

That means that — if it gets up — anything imported into Australia worth $30 or more will attract the 10 per cent GST charge.

It's worth noting that the plan was actually recommended by the Productivity Commission in its report into online shopping trends, but the committee actually said that it would be incredibly expensive to police and manage. The commission found that it would cost more to police than it would garner in revenue for the country. [SMH]

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