Now You Can Tag Live TV With Shazam

Shazam, the app that lets you tag music to work out what it is, just got far more interesting. From now on, the app will be capable of tagging any TV show, to let you know what music it's using, who's acting in it, and whatever the hell else information you need.

The company's apparently built up a room full of servers which monitor 160 channels of TV in the US, fingerprinting all their content. That means that when you direct Shazam at something you're watching, you'll be able to find out what music's used in the show, view information from IMDB about cast and crew, and be party to celebrity news and the latest tweets. One button also allows you to pre-load a tweet with the correct hashtag for the show you're watching. Welcome to the future.

The new app's already available for iOS, Android and WinPho. [Shazam via Verge]

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