Nokia Lumia 920: Here's Who Will Be Selling It In Australia

The Nokia Lumia 920 is a big deal. It's the first Windows Phone 8 handset from Microsoft's flagship handset partner, Nokia, and ever since we wrote about the device a few weeks ago, my inbox has been overflowing with "when do we get it?!?!?!" emails. Well now we know. Here's who is selling the Lumia 920.

The Nokia Lumia 920 be sold exclusively on Telstra, with support for its 4G network baked right in. Vodafone and Optus will likely miss out on the 920 at launch, but as a consolation, they'll get the Nokia Lumia 820 instead.

Release dates aren't firm just yet, Nokia will be announcing a solid date at the end of October, but now we know where you can start pitching your tent to camp out for one.

The 820 and 920 will likely go on sale some time in mid- to late-November.

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