NMHMC Harvey: Check Out Einstein’s Crazy Brain

NMHMC Harvey: Check Out Einstein’s Crazy Brain

We all know Albert Einstein was a genius, but what was it inside his brain that made him so smart? We might never know, but this new app will let you poke around his many lobes.

What does it do?

When Dr. Thomas Harvey — the namesake of the app — performed Einstein’s autopsy, he sliced up the scientist’s brain into 170 parts, which were sectioned into even smaller portions before being mounted on microscope slides. The specimens were shipped to researchers who’ve been trying for decades to out what was so special about Einstein’s brain. Over the last couple of years, many of the samples have been digitised by the National Museum of Health, and the app contains everything that’s available so far. As more brain is added to the digital collection, it’ll be made to app owners. Braaaaaains!

Why do we like it?

We both revere Einstein and feel profoundly ashamed that we’ll never do anything remotely as cool in the sciences. We won’t even do something that cool with skateboards in video games. And since we don’t possess mighty brains, we figure we might as well own the atlas of a mighty brain. Plus, all proceeds go to support the National Museum of Health and Medicine.

NMHMC Harvey

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Understanding it.