New iPhone And Pad Apps: Net-A-Porter, Tripeze, Glympse And More

New iPhone And Pad Apps: Net-A-Porter, Tripeze, Glympse And More

The weekend will always come to an end, but new apps fortunately do not. We’ve got all kinds of great iPhone and iPad apps coming at you this week, including a new way to plan your travels, track your friends or sing with them karaoke-style.

Travel +Leisure Tripeze (iPhone): Whether you want to take a weekend drive around town or a month-long trek in a different hemisphere, this app will help you find your next destination. It will give you destinations and suggestions of things to do when you get there based on your interests. Free. [clear]

Yokee (iPhone): Maybe your friends aren’t actually your friends in real life. Oh well, Yokee lets you still have a karaoke party and sing with your them from afar. If you have no friends, or you’re just a karaoke enthusiast, you can do it solo too. Free. [clear]

Glympse (iPhone): Glympse is taking oversharing to new heights, letting you share your real-time location with friends via Facebook, Twitter, email or text. One good caveat to that is you can designate how long you want them to be able to see your location. So if you take a left turn into a bar at 4pm, no one will ever know. Free. [clear]

Basher’s Presidents (iPhone): If every US president in history got into a massive knife fight, who would be the last man standing? That’s a very good question — one you can answer by downloading this adorably illustrated history app that gives you a combination of facts and fun. $1.99. [clear]

(iPad)Net-A-Porter: Oh, those Lanvin sneakers look good. If you can’t wait to snag a pair for yourself, you can now buy your designer duds anywhere, anytime with online retailer Net-A-Porter’s new iPad app. Buy shoes, clothes, accessories, and all the haute couture your closet can handle. [clear]