New Website Lets You Share Your STD Status

New Website Lets You Share Your STD Status

There’s really no easy way to tell the person you’re sleeping with that you have an STD. Whether it’s something easily treatable or an incurable virus, it’s just not a conversation anyone ever wants to have. So, it’s better to just not have that conversation at all.

No. No, I’m not saying to withhold said serious and vital information. That would be irresponsible and inadvisable. But a new website aims to make the whole transfer of information as quick and painless as possible by allowing for the electronic transfer for STD results over a secure and private platform. wants to help people make better decisions before having sex. They confirm with your doctor the results of your most recent STD test (within the past year) and then upload the report at a level of accessibility dictated by you. They can be made available for online dating profiles, accessible via or text or online. The hope is that, the more people register and display their (ideally) clean bill of health, the more safe and informed decisions will be made before sleeping with a new partner.

After getting verified with, you will be able to choose your own, secure, “Share It” access code. You can then text with your username and code to retrieve your results on your own cell phone, which you can then show to your special friend(s). Alternatively, you can share your username and “Share It” access code and have your special friend(s) access your results on their cell phone.

Of course, recent up to one year leaves ample room for things to… er, happen. But this is definitely a smart use of the internet to achieve some sort of social and personal responsibility. Now let’s just all hope that this site never gets hacked!! []

Image: Shutterstock/istvanffy