New Versions Of Google Chrome Will Finally Support Do Not Track

If you're paranoid about ad networks tracking your behaviour and compiling a file on your tastes somewhere, there's good news. Google Chrome's developer build finally got built-in Do Not Track functionality, meaning Chrome will finally join the club with Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Google reluctantly agreed to add the feature back in February, but now it's finally shown up in test builds, and should roll out into stable versions of Chrome by the end of the year.

The feature will almost certainly not default to "on" but privacy-conscious users will soon be able to flip a switch instead of hunting down some third party extension. Of course, there are no measures to guarantee that ad networks will actually respect the setting, but soon all users will at least be able to state their preference, even if that's just the equivalent of asking nicely. [AllThingsD via PCWorld]

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