New Touch Features In Office 2013 [Video]

Office 2013 has a stack of new features, including options for use on touchscreens. Check out how some of those options work in this video.

While the specialised OfficeRT tablet release isn't yet widely available, Microsoft was happy to show off the touch features in the main Office 2013 suite during a press demonstration at TechEd Australia 2012. The big lesson? There are some very handy gestures, but you need to take time learning them.

Music: Origami Repetika

Visit Gizmodo's TechEd 2012 Newsroom for all the news from the show.

Disclosure: Jason Cartwright is attending TechEd 2012 as guests of Microsoft.



    Great features but why is the video 7 minutes long but really only about 4 minutes? There is a lot of blank at the end

    That 7min 49sec video is only 3mins 35secs long. The rest after that is blank, black nothingness. Does that indicate Office 2013 is not finished yet? :)

    It is looking good though, but I really feel mouse & kb will reign supreme for content creation and data entry for years to come.

    Natty video (notwithstanding the other commenters' remarks about the 4mins of black at the end).

    Question: What are the *new* Office2013 functions for pen input? In the video, for example, it show the ink functionality in OneNote 2013 and I can basically do the same with a 2yo Lenovo X201 Tablet running WIn7 & Office2010. The Excel 2013 demo was of functionality which exists for mouse and keyboard input anyway. Thanks, Jason.

    A stylus! A stylus! Thought we'd ditched them 10 years ago. Way to go Microsoft, better patent the stylus now so Apple don't release the next iPad with one..........

      Show me a video of how well you can note take with your finger v's a stylus

    Steve f, when will your finger have the accuracy of a stylus to write with. Maybe you have sharp pointy touch pink acrylic nails.

    Video just reinforces for me that the people designing Microsoft products now are completely bloody useless. Microsoft seems to be trying to differentiate itself but being different doesn't mean it's any bloody good. Stylus? Seriously? That's retro 1990's man.

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