New Kindles Coming To Australia After All… But With A Catch

New Kindles Coming To Australia After All… But With A Catch

Victory! Looks like Australia will be getting the new Amazon Kindle ereaders and Kindle Fire tablets after all, following an Australian distributor’s pledge to import them for the local market. We need to remember though that these aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Australian Business Traveller reports that Readershop — a Kindle importer for the Australian market — will bring the Kindle PaperWhite reader and the Kindle Fire HD tablet to Australia in early October.

Prices are as yet unknown, but it might not be worth all the trouble. Once you start sifting through the finer details of the deals, you soon figure out that the new Kindles — especially the Kindle Fire HD — won’t be able to access a lot of the fancy content Amazon has been demonstrating over the last week because it’s all region locked.

From Readershop’s own website:

Q: Is the content in Australia different from the content in USA? Movies, TV Shows etc? A: Yes, content available on the Amazon Store varies by country. Just like the Apple’s iTunes store. If you register with an Australian credit card / address, you will see the content available to Australia. We don’t know which content is or is not available, Amazon changes it frequently.

So a lot of the sweet content you want probably won’t be accessible once you import the Kindle Fire HD to start using it here.

The only Kindle that’s officially coming to Australia is the standard Kindle reader.

Keep all that in mind before you buy. [AusBT]