New Kindles Coming To Australia After All... But With A Catch

Victory! Looks like Australia will be getting the new Amazon Kindle ereaders and Kindle Fire tablets after all, following an Australian distributor's pledge to import them for the local market. We need to remember though that these aren't all they're cracked up to be.

Australian Business Traveller reports that Readershop -- a Kindle importer for the Australian market -- will bring the Kindle PaperWhite reader and the Kindle Fire HD tablet to Australia in early October.

Prices are as yet unknown, but it might not be worth all the trouble. Once you start sifting through the finer details of the deals, you soon figure out that the new Kindles -- especially the Kindle Fire HD -- won't be able to access a lot of the fancy content Amazon has been demonstrating over the last week because it's all region locked.

From Readershop's own website:

Q: Is the content in Australia different from the content in USA? Movies, TV Shows etc? A: Yes, content available on the Amazon Store varies by country. Just like the Apple's iTunes store. If you register with an Australian credit card / address, you will see the content available to Australia. We don't know which content is or is not available, Amazon changes it frequently.

So a lot of the sweet content you want probably won't be accessible once you import the Kindle Fire HD to start using it here.

The only Kindle that's officially coming to Australia is the standard Kindle reader.

Keep all that in mind before you buy. [AusBT]



    How will this effect the PaperWhite?

      I have a 'Kindle touch', but I never have issues with DRM because I remove it, or I find books that aren't protected and then convert them to 'mobi'. Same thing should work for the 'PaperWhite'. Although I'm now considering one of the other e-reader makers that have front lighting. Sure they're not as crisp and the light may not be as modern, but they do the same job and you can add books vie a micro SD.

      This won't effect the PaperWhite at all Bob, only the Fire because it's tied to the Amazon store. I had a Kindle from Amazon, got a later model from Readershop and both work exactly the same, I can buy the same books etc on either.

        Thanks Jackson.

          Just had a chat with an AMAZON consultant to make sure the Paperwhite works in Australia.
          In short: Yes, it works but you won't get warranty with it. You should buy the US$139 version without special offers. Here's the chat:

          4.45pm, Tuesday 11 September 2012

          You are now connected to PavanVasu from
          Me:Hi. A friend of mine is in the States and I'm thinking about getting him to buy me a Kindle Paperwhite Wifi. I've got 2 questions: 1. Can I buy content in Australia where I would use it' 2. Should I get the model for US$119 with Special offers or for US$139 without special offers? Thanks, Rob
          PavanVasu:Hello, my name is Pavan. I'll be happy to help you today.
          Robert, kindle paper white is designed for usage in US only. It is not recommended for usage out side US which is the reason we are not shipping them. The special offers are delivered wirelessly for US market. Which may make the device to be stucked in other countries. Also, it may not be covered in warranty for outside US usage. Coming to content, you can see all the content licensed to Australia by publishers. Are we connected Robert ?

          Me:Thanks Pavan. 1. You mentioned that "it is not recommended for usage outside US". Does that mean it will work outside US and you can download content in Australia? I'm not worried about warranty. 2. You mentioned that the special offers are delivered in the US and the device could get stuck in other does that mean that I could get the $139 version without special offers?
          PavanVasu:It will work like any other device Robert. However, in case of any trouble you cannot get a replacement or warranty. If that is okay with your you can purchase that.
          Yes you can purchase the device without special offers. You can download content in Australia. However, all the content available in US may not be available in Australia. You can set your billing address on and search for content.
          You'll see content only available in Australia.
          Me:Thanks Pavan. Very helpful.

    Pretty much pointless buying one until CyanogenMod is ported to it.

    But when that happens, the Fire HD would be great value :-)

    i assume this doesnt affect paperwhite?

      paperwhite is not to be released internationally yet - but you should be able to access the same international content that australian users currently have access to (when registered to an australian address with an au credit card). I'm basing this on the previous ebook kindles.

        so you're suggesting that if i grey imported a paperwhite, id have the same functionality as current australian kindles?

        You don't need a US credit card for Kindle book purchases, just a US shipping address. It's different with music and video because they have different licensing arrangements but with books it is easy to set up a dummy US address and switch to it whenever you like to purchase Kindle books that aren't technically available in Australia. I just picked the address of the hotel I stayed in when I was in LA last year and I can switch back and forth at will, to buy whatever I want.

          I originally used a US address for my account, which gave me access to the US Kindle store - with Aussie credit card. Eventually (3 or 4 months?) Amazon asked me to prove I was American. I can't remember the exact working but I assumed at the time they could tell I was downloading the books in Australia. They offered me the option of faxing them my US drivers license to prove I was an American overseas.

          I'm tempted to try switching back and forth as you suggest. Especially seeing as the prices in the Aussie store have jumped recently.

          How long have you been doing this for?

    My thoughts also. Is there a good VPN available for Android?

      I'm not all that sure but I'm not sure if you can run a VPN application on the kindle fire as they mind not be preinstalled or available on the amazon appstore - the google play store is not accessible - so you'll need to side load that and then load one. alternatively uslocked or equivalent will allow you to do a dns redirect

    That bezel is absolutely enormous. Holy crap.

      my thoughts exactly, it feels almost claustrophobic

    Believe that in addition to a VPN you also need to set your Amazon account up with a US address and use a US credit card for any movie and app purchases (but I think you can still buy Amazon Prime an o'seas credit card).

    I received a Kindle Fire as a gift, OK for downloading books but that is it. The device has a lot of features but they cannot be accessed as I do not have a US address. Even FREE APS cannot be downloaded. What a lot of nonsense and I'd have to also say how hard they have made it for the consumer as there is no shop front, even in the US to get any problem sorted. Get an Apple i-pad instead.

    Wait.. there's an Aussie Amazon store...? Oh wait.. no there isn't.. we just get to have our hopes dashed everytime we visit the UK or US site and then find out that particular product isn't available in our region.

    Digital Content Distribution fail.

    The problem with Readershop is they are way overpriced. They are charging $70-80 or more for the same product you can get brand new on ebay or even direct from Amazon. For instance the standard Kindle on Amazon is $89 and with delivery to Australia is $100. Readershop are charging $160 for the same thing. The accessory pack they give you with the kindle certainly is not worth $60 and you can pick these up for around $20 all up if you shop around.
    I myself will be getting a new Kindle but direct from Amazon sent via a overseas shipping agent.
    People should be aware and shop around and do your homework.

      I got mine from ReaderShop and I'm happy with the purchase. I really didn't have any option because I needed it for the weekend, so I placed my order on Thursday and got on Friday. Fast delivery! It comes with neat accessories like car / wall charger and if I have any problems I don't have to send it back to the USA. Wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again.

      I'm with Jordan on this one and I'll always support australian businesses. The standard kindle is $149 not $160 and I think $50 is very fair for all you get. The accessories are nice, although I've never used the car charger, but the best thing is the delivery (just 1 day to Blue Mountains!) and the local warranty. What happens if you buy a kindle from overseas and there's a problem? You have to send it all the way back to the USA for repairs. I know you're trying to save as much as possible but no thanks, I'll keep buying local.

    Once again content publishers and copyright owners do everything in their power to push people with money to spend into pirating content because they don't want to take your money because you live in the wrong place. I pity the first colonists to Mars in the future - "hey, have you read the new j.k. Rowling book, Harry Potter and the Nursing Home Spell? Nah, tried to buy it on Amazon, but it's region locked to Earth".

    Yep, the Kindle Fire has the content hurdles but the Paperwhite and other 'normal' Kindles are just like the ones you would buy from DSE. Like Chris says it's more about what content Amazon will let you download due to your Amazon account being an 'Australian' one, ie paid with Aussie credit card.

    And that's, my friends, why I stream stuff on pirate sites...

      I could use similar justifications to kill everyone that annoys me, do you think it would hold up in court?

    Planning a trip to US later this year. Was going to pick up a Kindle Fire HD, but it seems totally pointless.
    Unless I have (i) a US-registered credit card (a huge problem)
    (ii) a US IP address - which isn't an insurmountable problem with VPN
    ....there's little point in buying the thing.
    *nose thumb to Amazon*

    All you have to do for kindle is have a fake US address and switch to that if it says the title isn't availble in Aus. I do it all the time from PNG and Australia, no problemss, my US address isn't even real.

    When I read on Readershop's site that they have a policy of not revealing the price of items they don't have in stock (in this case a K.Paperwhite) I thought it sounded like a scam. Then I googled "readershop scam" and read this

    Don't know for sure who's telling the truth but I'm not dealing with Readershop, their no-price policy has got my antenna twitching.

    By the way, apropos the reported successful unhappy-customer's-claim through Paypal, I just read on their website that Readershop only accept payment via credit card. Hmm.

    Yikes - the 16GB 7" Kindle Fire HD (with offers) on Amazon is $199; on Papershop it's AUD$329. That's a lot of coin for a wall charger. Plus unlike Amazon, they say "all sales are final." Not too attractive for anyone with the option to import one...

    I bought a Kindle Touch from Amazon in Canada and had it posted to a relative in Canada who forwarded it to me in Australia. Apart from the fact that it is a piece of unreliable junk I changed the registration from the US to the UK because of the problems downloading. I have had messages from Amazon UK saying the books I have ordered are for UK only and my ISP shows that I am not in the UK. [So they do check] My answer was that I am travelling and do they want a copy of my itinerary so I can download books. They gave in but I am so PO'd with both Amazon and the Kindle that I do what Timmahh says and download books from the internet. So big deal if it is pirating..............sue me! Amazon, with its' stupid attitudes has nobody to blame but itself. Saves me a bundle too.

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