Rumourmodo: New, Bigger Samsung Galaxy S Coming March 2013?

Since its announcement, the iPhone 5 has been going over like gangbusters, but samsung's counterpunch might not be far behind. According to a report by the Korea Times, Samsung's new Galaxy S IV flagship will be coming out in March 2013, possibly with an even bigger screen.

According to an anonymous executive, the Galaxy S IV is due to be announced at Mobile World Congress in Spain, where the Galaxy S III was announced the year before. The Galaxy S IV might get a boost in size, gaining .2 inches on the Galaxy S III to wind up at 5 inches on the dot; that's creeping up to Galaxy Note (5.3 inches) territory. This seems to be the logical next iteration on the formula that's been treating them pretty well, so these rumours basically line up with reasonable assumptions. We'll just have to wait to see whether they've got any surprises in store. [Korea Times via Engadget]


    Just in time - my contract on the S2 will be up by then.

      Ditto, but I'm worried that Apple's suing shenanigans will make the Galaxy S IV a less attractive option.

    Is that a big screen TV in your pocket or are you just happy to see me ? ...Sent from a gnote :-*

    Make your phones bigger until they reach the size of your tablet range and then drop the line of phones.


    I want to get a new phone but I'll never be able to get one if you keep bringing out better phones.


    Correction, the latest Note 2 is 5.5"

    dont' they make tablets with 3g access already?

    I'm still gonna stick with the iPhone5 - it's widescreen!


      No, it's Panoramic, get it right. Sheesh!

    Samsung Galaxy S IV:
    - 5" screen (same size as S3)
    - Quadcore 1.8ghz
    - 2GB RAM
    - LTE/4G
    - 13MP Camera w 1080p
    - NFC

    I'll need to buy bigger jeans to fit it in my pocket.

    is it just me or do these huge screens turn any one else off. i think they had it right with the sgs/gti-9000

      I got a shock when I unboxed my Galaxy Nexus, thinking to myself "Oh crap, what have I done...?" I love it now, but seriously doubt if I'd want something too much bigger. I've seen and played with an SIII and thought it was pretty cool, so maybe if I had a chance to play with an SIV I'd react the same way? Don't know, only time will tell I suppose. But yeah, wondering how long till we pass the point where the size is just comical.

      Nope, it's definitely not just you. I've got a galaxy nexus now and I sometimes think it's too big. I still have my old HTC Desire at home as my xbmc remote, and I can safely say that the size was much better for my tastes.

      I'm happy with my 4.65" nexus, but I wouldn't mind a 5" as long as its physical size is no bigger than the S3

      Luckily there are plenty of Android options out there. If you don't like big screens, then don't buy one with a big screen. I don't like pumpkins, so I don't buy pumpkins... you'll get used to the concept.

      Hope that helps.

        Thats a strange concept Rob.. you'll have to be careful spreading wild ideas about like that

        Sometimes i think people just love to tempt fate

          Good point. I'd better buy some pumpkins on my way home.

      Same here bro. I still love the tiny screen on my iPhone 4 but I hate how the galaxies are getting by the minute. I don't see why anyone would need more than a 4.0" screen for a PHONE. Bloody things are turning into tablets now.

    GALAXY S3 has a 4.8 inch screen, a .2 inch addition would make it 4.10 inches.... which is not 5 inches and, as another commented has mentioned, 5 inches is not the size of the current s3's screen...
    Cmon gizmodo. Get your shit together!

      obvious troll is obvious

      Are you serious? I can't tell.
      .2" more than 4.8" is 4.10" lol.
      You are right that 4.10" is not 5".

      4.8 + 0.2 = 5.0 ≠ 4.10
      There are 12 inches in a foot, but (a) we are talking about inches, not feet and (b) even if we were talking about feet, 4.8 + 0.2 would still equal 5.0 (as oppose to 4'8" + 2" = 4'10").

      Maybe your own shit is not quite together, Jonathan.

      That DOT is called a Decimal Point. Decimal!

      4.8 + 0.2 = 5
      4.8 apples + 0.2 apples = 5 apples.

      I can see why are confused though. (There are 12 inches in a Foot)
      So you think 4.12 = 5 ????
      So 4.8 inches is smaller than 4.12inches?

    I'm betting on an edge to edge screen to keep the overall size at where it is now.

    Soon you'll need to upgrade your hands to hold the phone.

    I am jealous
    It is going to a gorgeous 7' screen
    8 core processor
    16 GB ram

      Still, isn't that better than the iPhone solution to screen size of just making it longer?!

      You troll, I troll, we can all troll :oP

    when we last upgraded I got a note- and had to put up with my wife nagging about how huge it was whilst unboxing. just a day later after having a play with it she had turned around and also wanted one!

    I'm the first to admit when I first held one I thought it was ridiculous and oversized... now I absolutely love it and will only buy another phone with a screen size that is on or above the 5 inch mark!

    (admittedly I am over 6 foot and have huge hands, so I can navigate it easily, but the missus is of normal human size and still absolutely loves hers.

    The beauty is that the note knocks out the need for a tablet and a phone, so if you've got big pockets it is definitely worth it!!!

      well the note 2 is just around the corner with an even bigger screen while the body remains the same size
      and with an improved S-pen there's no question what I want for my next phone

    March, really. Make it a bit later, my S3 stick feels new. 18 months is a good window. Not 12 months.

    I think I'm one of the few who don't want bigger and bigger phones. My Nexus is awesome. But that is the max size I would be prepared to carry around. I hope some decent smaller screened phones still get made!

    Can't write a samsung article without mentioning apple and how well its doing....

    I was going to buy a big screen TV in the new year, but now all I need is a Galaxy S and then hang it on my wall. :/ Seriously, where will "mine is bigger than yours" penis measuring contest end? Just remember the human hand is only so big.

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