Neil Armstrong Will Be Buried At Sea

Neil Armstrong is not going to have a grave. The first man to walk on the moon is going to be buried at sea.

Armstrong was a lieutenant in the US Navy Reserve. He originally joined in 1949 and received training at the Naval Air Station Pensacola to become a pilot. He flew 78 missions in the Korean War — a total of 121 hours in combat. He left the navy to complete his space engineering degree and masters before joining NASA.

But he always remained a navy man. Perhaps that's the reason why he chose to be buried at sea. Or perhaps it's because he was such a humble and private man. According to Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, "he never wanted to be a living memorial, and yet to generations the world over his epic courage and quiet humility stands as the best of all examples." [CBS]



    Humility is definitely one of the reasons I admire him. If a guy like him can be humble, think about him next time you think you're "too important" to do something

    We should encase him in carbonite first.

      Or turn him into beef jerky and sell him as commorative bait at Carry on Camping stores.

    We should send him on the next expedition to Mars or something.. or another trip to the Moon.. bury him there.. or do a Star Trek style, capsule burial in space.


    He probably choose sea burial because the moon dose influance the tides here on earth. Now he is connected to both eath and moon.

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