Motorola Has An Android-Powered Cloud Media PC Now

Fresh off the back of its new RAZR announcements, Motorola has announced that it will launch a new Android-based home entertainment PC for the Chinese. Will we ever see it here?

The creatively named HMC3260 is an 18.5-inch touchscreen device that serves content on-demand via the cloud. Motorola Mobility teamed up with WASU Digital Group — an ISP in China — to bring the device to market and it's designed to work on the same principle as a FetchTV or a Telstra T-Box.

Sounds nifty, but we'll probably never see the HMC3260 for ourselves. Quite often, devices made for China are heavily customised for the local market, meaning that bringing them to Western markets just wouldn't make good sense.

What's really interesting though is the fact that WASU Digital Group chose Motorola Mobility as a partner, seeing as how its parent company is Google. For those playing the home game, Google and China aren't the best of friends.

Are we about to see Google try and move back in on China?



    "For those playing the home game" ???

    isn't it usually for those playing along at home

      It's a tomato/tomato situation.

        How about "for those at home playing with themselves"? ^_^

        I admit that I just said each word differently in my head.

    Yay just what the desktop computer world has been longing for all these many years.. Fragmentation!


      Here the key thing is diversity. The "fragmentation" idea dies not come into the picture.
      Since a lot of services are moving from the device (whatever it is) and onto the web, the type of platform you use is less relevant.
      So this is an extremely positive move. We already know how crap a world dominated by a limited number of key players can be.

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