Mortal Kombat Director Wanted To Make The Hunger Games, This Is His Pitch

When you want to make a movie in Hollywood, you need to convince a studio that it's a good idea, and that you can make something that will drive the masses crazy. Quite often, directors submit a pitch video cut together from other moviews to show what their vision is, and here's something I bet you didn't know: the director of Mortal Kombat: Legacy pitched to direct the film adaptation of The Hunger Games, and now he's released his pitch video for the world to see.

So rarely do we get to see behind the curtain in the Hollywood film business. Sure there's authorised behind the scenes stuff and the shit you thought you saw on Entourage, but this is nuts and bolts, 'give me a job' stuff.

Director Peter Tancharoen (Fame, Mortal Kombat: Legacy) made this pitch video and gave an exclusive interview about it to Slashfilm which I really suggest you read if you're into how the movies you love get made. [Slashfilm]

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