Mortal Kombat Director Wanted To Make The Hunger Games, This Is His Pitch

When you want to make a movie in Hollywood, you need to convince a studio that it's a good idea, and that you can make something that will drive the masses crazy. Quite often, directors submit a pitch video cut together from other moviews to show what their vision is, and here's something I bet you didn't know: the director of Mortal Kombat: Legacy pitched to direct the film adaptation of The Hunger Games, and now he's released his pitch video for the world to see.

So rarely do we get to see behind the curtain in the Hollywood film business. Sure there's authorised behind the scenes stuff and the shit you thought you saw on Entourage, but this is nuts and bolts, 'give me a job' stuff.

Director Peter Tancharoen (Fame, Mortal Kombat: Legacy) made this pitch video and gave an exclusive interview about it to Slashfilm which I really suggest you read if you're into how the movies you love get made. [Slashfilm]


    Well I personally think this would have been a much better film... not sure about adaptation of the book though. Still, it is more Battle Royale-ish, which I quite enjoyed.

      I think I would have to disagree, the movie captured the characters struggle very well and didn't get too lost in flashy special effects and drawn out fight scenes. It showed the speed and brutality of death that would surely be the realism of this type of tournament.

    Looks like something I'd see on youtube.

    Um why is there a Gladiator clip thrown in there? There's a clip from Batman and 300. Dude... this is a FAKE.

      Did you actually read the linked article?

    And Harry Potter and Twilight and Others.

      lol the Harry Potter stuff actually ruined this pitch imo, somehow even more than the Twilight stuff...which also shouldn't have been in there.

    Though let's face it, still a better love story than Twilight. (sorry for overdoing it lol)

      DID you actually read the link in the description for god sakes son?!

        I think it's pretty obvious by now that he can't actually read.

    The director's name is not Peter. His name is Kevin. On twitter as @ KTanch

    lol was there an orc in that video??

      haha yep. that movie couldve done with more orcs.

    Kevin Tancharoen is the man! he would have done a much better job on this movie! Now he should hurry up and get back to working on Mortal Kombat :)

    at least he actually tells you the background to it all in this. i went and seen the movie and had no clue about why they were even having the hunger games.

    Except that part where they explained why they were having the hunger games...

      They have the hunger games to honor all those fallen and killed in horrible and terrible ways by holding a tournament where people kill each other in horrible terrible ways. Makes sense to me. Nothing here that wasn't already done in Running Man.

        No they don't. Did you read the book?

        All of the sections revolted against the Capitol years ago and lost. They signed a treaty that spared them but the punishment for their actions was that two children from each area would be taken and killed as a reminder that they should never dare rise up again.

    The books were awesome, the movie was disappointing.

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