Minuscule Voice Recorder Guarantees No One Will Know You're A Snitch

When you're involved in a sting operation, or just trying to collect some incriminating evidence, the last thing you want is the perps realising you've been recording everything. And since the days of sneakily recording a conversation with a phone in your pocket are long gone, this ridiculously tiny voice recorder could be the next best thing.

The Edic-mini Tiny B22 is just over an inch in size and weighs roughly the same as a large coin. But its built-in ultra sensitive microphone can record sounds up to 10 metres away, and the company claims that with a fresh cell-sized battery it can record for up to 24 hours, non-stop. And if you're planning a particularly long stakeout, a voice-activated mode is promised to almost triple that to 70 hours. It's just too bad it's crippled with a USB 1.1 port which makes offloading files incredibly slow, and a $US440 price tag that will probably have most people just risking their lives with a cheap smartphone app. [Amazon via 7Gadgets]

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