Might Want To Preorder Your iPhone 5 Early

All signs point to the fact that Sharp is one of the manufacturers of the next iPhone display. In fact, the phone might even use Sharp's new IGZO technology. But if Wall Street Journal's reports that Sharp has halted production of the displays due to problems are true, you might wanna be among the first to preorder the iPhone 5 (or next iPhone, or iPhone 6, or whatever), as supply could be short when it first releases.

It shouldn't hold up the release of the phone however, as WSJ points out there are two other manufacturers.

Sharp is one of the three suppliers of LCD panels for the next iPhone. The other two suppliers -- Japan Display Inc. and South Korea's LG Display Co. -- have already started shipping the screens to Apple, according to other people familiar with the situation.

Sharp did the same thing with the iPad earlier this year and it mostly worked out OK, but the iPhone tends to be a hotter item, so the likelihood of a shortage is greater. The other option is just to wait a few months to make sure all the manufacturing kinks are worked out of these devices altogether. [WSJ]



    Right - good marketing Apple ... our recent ads really suck - so lets sell our new phone using a scare campaign. Preorder, Preorder quick quick.

    Any suggestions how you might get in early to pre-order the iphone 5? I'm just chomping at the bits to get this once it's released! *waves his original iphone 3 in the air before it suddenly goes flat* I just can't take this old piece of technology any more and if i have to be made to wait a couple of months i might just well...go bonkas!

    Guessing as soon as some sort of announcement is made you go to the Telstra/Vodaphone/Optus website or their stores and put ur name down..and would they have plans ready to go in anticipation of the announcement you think?

    Surely people did it for the iphone 4S release so there must be a tactic in place...

    yes and deal with the initial apple bugs and product flaws? No ty. Best advice for any apple product is to wait about 2 months after release to buy anyway.

      Best advice for an apple product is to buy an Android.

        Hahahaha....as someone moving over from iOS to Android I find that comment extremely funny and agreeable :-)

        I am so sick of people telling me not to like the new iPhone. You don't know what I do with my phone, so don't tell me what to buy. I am an adult and can make an informed decision that best suits my needs.

          Can anyone else see the irony in this comment. I was sick of Apple products dictating how I can use the features, how the applets are all vetted first, how Bluetooth won't talk with non apple product, how everything has to go through iTunes. How ironic.

          Hook line and sinker on that one MDolley. Stressed much?

            I'm all good, but thanks for asking.

            It wasn't your comment in particular that bugged me, there just seems to be a general tone of "You can't like this" regarding the iPhone 5. It's not just in the comments here, I have read plenty of articles calling the iPhone 5 a failure before it even launches.

              I think that you will find the dislike is not so much directed at the iPhone itself but more towards Apple as a company and their recent behavior in the courts, the iPhone 5 has become a target because of this. Apple has managed to shift peoples perception of them from an innovative company to a bitter one that is insecure and power hungry. If you like Apple then buy Apple, but don't get upset because other people don't like it.

                I think you are probably right about it being Apple related more than iPhone 5 related.

                If you like Android then buy Android, but don’t get upset because other people don’t like it. ;)

          You can like whatever you like but by buying one you are supporting evil. I can just see you now in your brown shirt.

          Anyone buying an iPhone is not making an informed decision.

            Generalization much? Shows your ignorance

        The right product for the right people.

          Tenez le droit.

        Best joke ever! :)

      I agree. Especially if sharp are dealing with manufacturing problems. Remember how long those yellow iMac screens took to fix. Jumping in the day one queue is a risk i wouldn't take. Equally i am waiting for Mountain Lion to get to patch 2 or 3 before installing.

        Eh. I've gotten iPhones and iPads on release day each launch so far and they sit in their boxes and I use the old ones until the new one is jailbreakable. So I'm not overly worried about any issues. By the time I go to use it any issues should be sorted and If I have to go into Apple to have it swapped then I have to go into Apple to have it swapped.

        I bet you're a riot at parties.

    If anything atleast Apple would offer a no question asked refund. You don't have to wait for a patch from google, Samsung, Optus. Even if you just change your mind Apple has a 15 day return with no question asked .

      So does most retail outlets. I got 30 days on my one x

        And how quickly are software exploits patched in ur one X once they are out?

          which exploits are you talking about? exploits that benefit evil hackers or exploits like jailbreaking that benefit end users?

    But I want the one with the big GB's and the WIFIs

      I remember this, awesome :)

    Ha ha, in Oz you can order the 4S for $800 and the 3GS for $449.
    I have the 4 and will wait and see as I won't buy a 5 for incremental upgrade.

    is this an ad or an article?

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