Microsoft's New Keyboard Halves The Space Bar For An Extra Backspace Key

The first thing you'll notice about Microsoft's new Sculpt Comfort Keyboard is the wavy design reminiscent of its earlier ergonomic models. But if you look even closer, besides a host of Windows 8 shortcut keys, you'll notice an enlarged space bar that has been split down the middle.

According to Microsoft's internal research, 90 per cent of typists only use their right thumb to strike the space bar, leaving the left side mostly ignored. So they've thrown it a bone, turning it into an extra backspace key that's easier to hit without breaking your "typing stride".

Unfortunately, our own internal research found that 90 per cent claim to be a little generous. So what do you think? Do you always use your right thumb, and only your right thumb, to strike the space bar? And would you actually use an extra backspace key down there if your left thumb wasn't used to it? [Microsoft via Engadget]



    I pretty much exclusively use my left thumb.

    I guess its a habit from having my left hand on WASD all the time whilst the right being on the mouse.

      Exactly what I thought when I saw it. Wont work for gamers.

        Same, the left hand edge of my space bar is polished as opposed to the rest of it.... not sure if want.

        as a gamer I always remap keys anyway, couldnt you just do the same?

      A keyboard for me needs to be inline with some specific standards, as soon as everyone starts f'ing with it, I'm going to touch screens.

      My standards are -
      A straight, 2 key length enter key (Not the right angle ones)
      A straight, 2 key length backspace key located 2 keys above enter....
      The only keys I want at the bottom row of my keyboard are: CTL, WINDOWS, ALT, SPACE, ALT, FN, CTRL - Any other combination of this will drive me insane.

    I space with whichever thumb is on the hand doing the most work. Usually given the layout of qwerty this is the right thumb.

    I would hate this keyboard as much as I hate those awful keyboards with the vertical enter key that make me hit backslash every time I want to hit enter...

    I'm Johnny Depp, the famous actor and I think this would be terrible for gamers.

    Judging by the shiny polished part of my spacebar (the keys on this one normally have a grainy matte finish) - it's safe to say I generally use my right thumb on the right side.

    Thiiwhamsentencewilloolik [Translation: This is what my sentences will look like]. However I think that this keyboard isn't quite aimed at people who have used a keyboard for a lot of time and gotten into the habits of "space-bar use". I think it would be okay for people starting to learn touch typing as they can get used to it without needing to break their habits.

    this is a very old keyboard standard, Compaq used to make all business keyboards like this, its supposed to improve efficiency because one thumb is for space other for backspace, but for me it was always stupid because i dont maike mustakes

    Yeah judging by the glossy section on my work keyboard, I use my left thumb to his the space bar the majority of the time.

    We had a keyboard like this years ago. It was incredibly annoying to use.

    Just tested this out because I haven't really taken notice of what thumb I use to type and it is definitely my left.

    I'm typing all day, and I touch type - switching between right index, and left thumb - depends on which word I'm typing. that said, it's not teaching your fingers when you want to press space that concerns me, it's telling your fingers that there's another backspace to use, when you've always moved your right hand to get there..

    Tough, but not impossible. And potentially time saving for those who type like demons.

    I think this could be a winner, I always use my right thumb when typing and having that backspace there after a bit of practice would save a lot of time.

    Right thumb for me, according to several shiny patches on several keyboards.

    Gah! Another stupid Microsoft keyboard without an insert key. Why must they continue on this vendetta against such a useful key!

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