Microsoft's New Keyboard Halves The Space Bar For An Extra Backspace Key

The first thing you'll notice about Microsoft's new Sculpt Comfort Keyboard is the wavy design reminiscent of its earlier ergonomic models. But if you look even closer, besides a host of Windows 8 shortcut keys, you'll notice an enlarged space bar that has been split down the middle.

According to Microsoft's internal research, 90 per cent of typists only use their right thumb to strike the space bar, leaving the left side mostly ignored. So they've thrown it a bone, turning it into an extra backspace key that's easier to hit without breaking your "typing stride".

Unfortunately, our own internal research found that 90 per cent claim to be a little generous. So what do you think? Do you always use your right thumb, and only your right thumb, to strike the space bar? And would you actually use an extra backspace key down there if your left thumb wasn't used to it? [Microsoft via Engadget]

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