Meet the First 3D-Printed Racecar

We’ve seen 3D-printed furniture, 3D-printed jewellery, and even a 3D-print of your unborn child. Now meet the first ever, awesome, printed race car!

This feat of engineering was designed using Mammoth Stereolithography machines by American-based company Materialise. OK, the car is really only partially built with rapid-prototyping methods, but the entire body of the car, including side pods and cooling channels, is 3D printed. The whole process, from design to car, took just three weeks too.

The car, named Areoin, was designed and built by Belgian engineering student group Formula Group T. Spec-wise, it’s pretty damn impressive; reaching 0 to 100km/h in just 3.2 seconds, and it’s all electric too, with a beastly 224HP electric motor. [Formula Group T via Jalopnik]

Image credit: Formula Group T

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