Lytro Cameras Are Finally Coming To Australia

Good news, light field fans. After nine-odd months of burning, pining and perishing for the sexy Lytro light field camera, your wait is over. They're coming to Australia on 10 October. Where can you get them and how much?

For those not familiar with Lytro and why it's such a big deal, here's what you need to know. Lytro is a rectangular prism-shaped camera that captures photos that you can focus after the fact. It captures the full spectrum of light in front of the lens so that no matter where you tap on the picture afterwards, you can refocus in incredible detail.

That long body houses loads of tiny lenses which actually serve to break up the light as it hits the sensor so the processor -- which normally was the size of a supercomputer five years ago -- can disseminate and process the image.

Enough with the science, though. Where can you get it?

Well, from October 10 you can only get it from selected retailers. No mass-market launches here just yet. Here's the list:

• Queensland: Bentleys Camera House (Indooroopilly, Robina, Carindale), Digital Camera Warehouse (Brisbane) • Western Australia: Camera Electronic (Perth) • Victoria: Croydon Camera House (Croydon), Digital Camera Warehouse (Melbourne), Michaels (Melbourne CBD), Myer (Chadstone) • South Australia: Diamonds (Adelaide) • New South Wales: Digital Camera Warehouse (Sydney), Paxtons (Sydney CBD, Bondi Junction, Parramatta, Chatswood), The New Camera House (Lismore), Myer (Sydney CBD) • Tasmania: Myer (Tasmania) • Canberra: Myer (Canberra)

The blue and silver models house 8GB (350 pictures) worth of storage and the sexy red model packs 16GB (750 pictures). The 8GB will set you back $499, while the 16GB will run you a total of $599.

I can't tell you how excited I am to review this thing. What do you want to see pictures of?



    The reviews I found via google say of the lytro that "at its best its no more than another camera accessory".

    be great to get hands on one of these to see if they are worth the cash..
    one thing in your 'listing
    • South Australia: Diamonds (Adelaide), Myer (Chadstone)
    Ummm There is no Chadstone in South Australia!!!

    I would like to see a picture of the software running on a Windows machine please:)

    Surely anyone who wanted one of these 9 months ago bought it from somewhere like BH Photo Video?

    Have seriously wanted a Lytro since they were announced. It's an awesome change to traditional photography, but starting at $499 that's just too high for even this gadget lover to get into.

      its not a change to anything it more like prototype gone public ... small picture, special software required to get anything out of it, software that cant really do anything else .... meh

    I think the Lytro is an amzing camera advance like few others, the problem is now, what to do with them ?
    Sure it might be OK to just refocus a picture and it will o that well, But the further afield this gets thought of the better it might become, for example interactive rainforest pictures with attached background info for focused objects as an education tool to name just one. The camera itself will not sway the hardened professional (exspensive DSLR owner) but it might just make out of focus pictures a thing of the past...
    Just my thoughts now give me a programmer a lytro and some rainforest then a waterproof housing .

    Holy crap, 'The New Camera House - Lismore" i can't believe that its actually gonna be in my tiny town!!

    Damn it, Adelaide, why can't Lytro be somewhere in the tiny CBD?

      It will be available from Diamonds in Adelaide :)

    Damn it, Adelaide, why can't Lytro be somewhere in the tiny CBD?

      Diamonds is in the City.. Rundle Street to be exact...

    Digital Rev Review - *Possibly NSFW* -

      Bloody hilarious. I'd never have the balls to walk around mong kok (?) with that in my hand.

    Ah. The end result is about 1.2 megapixels. Not really worth it for 400 dollars.

    A sledgehammer solution looking for a problem. Low res output, additional work before you can even view the images (the tiny screen doesn't count), won't eliminate camera shake (which is how most blurry shots happen anyway). I can see the applications in some instances but for consumers? Better to spend your $500 on a Canon S100 or similar high end pocket (AND you get to shoot HD video into the bargain).

    Waiting for Lytro Mach 2.

    Security camera installations is where its at. so sick of looking at security footage with number plates just out of focus and unreadable.

    I can't belive that CROYDON Camera House will sell these, CROYDON! the eastern burbs center for bogens (not sure of spelling) and single mums.

      A bit rough calling people bogans when you, yourself don't even know how to spell the word.
      That right there is bogan material. :p

    Essentially the Lytro contains a series of cameras with different focal lengths. Trouble is, all these "cameras" share the pixels on the sensor, so results in certain circumstances may not be as good as the user hopes.


    Ok, now I've got your attention. These cool little cameras come with a BIG hidden gotcha!

    1) You can only view them with a special viewer on your desktop...their api is not open, there are no other viewers apart from a javascript view hosted by that they do not let anyone else host....which leads to the next interesting points...
    2) You can only share these pictures with others through! Even if you want to email it to a friend, you have to upload it first to and then email a cannot just embed the lpf file in your own website and use say, a javascript api to display it...closed api, hosted by them.
    3) You MUST allow lytro to advertise on your pictures! It specifically says in their license agreement that you will not remove links to lytro and their store or the lytro logo (even though you've paid $600 for the camera!)
    4) For every photo you share with anyone, you grant lytro full, worldwide, royalty-free SUBLICENSABLE AND TRANSFERABLE license to COPY, STORE, DISPLAY, MODIFY, DISTRIBUTE, CREATE DERIVED WORKS, and add the lytro logo to! So essentially, you've just given them your photos...though they specifically state "you still _own_" your photos, you've just given them license to do everything they want with them including sublicense them to reuters or associated press or some gallery or anything they damn well please.
    5) They also grant any other lytro owners the license (sublicense, see above) to use your photos free "for personal use" including putting them on a you take a photo, you email it to a friend, it can perfectly legally end up on some randoms website
    6) They have the right to refuse to allow you to share your photos! Specific (and very legally ambiguous) reasons given include: content is obscene, pornographic, fraudulent, harassing, violates any other persons intellectual property (taken a photo of a mcdonalds sign?), violates ANY OTHER PERSONS PRIVACY (??? taken a persons photo at all ???), incites criminal or unlawful acts (taken a photo of a rally?), constitutes a personal attack, may otherwise expose us or our users to ANY LIABILITY AT ALL! As determined by lytro (not by a judge...and even a judge would have a hard time making a determination on such ambiguous criteria)
    7) You can't use your images professionally, at all! Their license for sharing photos through (the only way you can share them!) specifically states that you are not allowed to share any content that "breaches any contract between you and a third party"....since the royalty for professional shoots usually vests in the contracting company, point (4) immediately invalidates almost every professional photography contract I've ever seen.
    8) They may revoke your license to share any photo, at any time, if they (i) receive a court order to do so (ii) consider your photo in any way harmful to anyone else (ambiguous much?) (iii) if your act is "determined by us" to suggest that we promote or endorse your, or any other party's cause, idease, websites, products or services (and since point (3) specified you MUST put their logo and website links in your photos, they could make this determination at any time, on any content). Because your photos can only be hosted by them, if they revoke your license your photo disappears everywhere on the web and from anyone you've shared it with. Take a photo today, in 5 years time someone declares it obscene...gone, even if it's been linked to a thousand times or shown in galleries.
    9) They may suspend your account (and hence your ability to share your photos, and the ability for anyone who you have already shared your photos with to view them - so again, photos on facebook just suddenly disappear)..."AT OUR DISCRETION, AT ANY TIME, AND WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE"
    10) If you stop taking photos, all the photos you've already taken disappear from the world! Specifically "we reserve the right to terminate any account that has been inactive for a significant period of time, as determined at our discretion"
    11) Even if you decide to crush your camera, delete all your photos and terminate your account with them, they still own the rights to every photo you shared! Specifically: "Suspension or termination will not affect those of your obligations under [this agreement] which, by their sense and context, are intended to survive such suspension or termination" wow....I think I'll stick with my canon for now

    can the software output jpeg files?

      >>can the software output jpeg files?

      Yes, but obviously only from a single focal point. If you want the cool multi-focal point viewing you have to either use a desktop viewer, or upload your photo to is the only way you can share the photos with anyone that doesn't have the desktop software (email, facebook etc). It is a closed API and format.

      There are significant restrictions with using to share your photos (see my earlier post - currently awaiting moderator approval)

    ...a bit more followup, apparently Adobe is working on a plenoptic lens for a standard dslr that not only does the same thing as this but also packages the output into a file (flash?) so you're not reliant on having to sign away your photo's rights to these guys

    Soooo do some research and the terms don't appear any different to any other file hosting site. Not to put water on your ill-informed rant, but currently both twitter and facebook have developed players to view these images that do not require hosting on lytros website....
    As long as you have the images on your home computer they are just as safe as your images taken with your canon, nikon or smartphone...

    My "I'll informed" rant was take directly from the lytro TOU contract and their FAQ answer about external players...a quick look at flickr's lytro pool shows them all hosted at and linked to from Flickr (but hosted on lytro so subject to the terms of use)...seems one of us is ill informed though, be interested in hearing lytros response

    Thanks for sharing that "Fine Print" Adam. I think I'll be sticking with my DSLR too!

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