Listen To Wil Anderson Dish The Dirt On Microsoft Australia's Corporate Event

Corporate offsite events aren't anything new. Companies have them once a year to take their employees somewhere nice to reward them and tell them about the strategy for the company going forward. Quite often, the conference will include some entertainment, and for Microsoft Australia's recent corporate offsite, that entertainment was comedian and TV host Wil Anderson. Thankfully, Wil has a podcast and is here to tell us all about the inner workings of Microsoft's employee event.

Image: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

First things first: Wil probably shouldn't be talking about this. He makes a point early on in the final episode of TOFOP (short for Thirty Odd Foot Of Pod) of not mentioning the company's name. Then he mentions the name and their products ad nauseum.

It starts off pretty sedately with a demonstration of a few things from the recent Imagine Cup final in Sydney, before he descends into describing the product demonstrations, his jokes, how they award their sales staff and some nonsense in-between.

It's NSFW-ish due to language, but it's still hilariously funny. Go listen to it before it gets taken down. [TOFOP]

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