LG Announces Incredible-Looking New 4G Smartphone For Australia...With A Catch

LG this week announced that the Optimus G -- a 4.7-inch, quad core smartphone with 2GB of RAM and Android Jelly Bean -- would go on sale in Korea next week. The manufacturer then announced that Australia would be getting it, too. 'Oh great!', said I. 'When will we get it?', I asked. The answer took me a little by surprise.

"Early 2013," LG told us. Yes, that's next year for those playing at home.

Here's how LG is planning to launch it around the world:

Availability: LG Optimus G will go on sale in Korea starting next week followed by other key global markets in quarter 4 this year and is planned for release in Australia in early 2013.

What is LG doing? Walking the thing to Australia? Carrier pigeon, perhaps?

A flagship, 4G-enabled, Android-powered smartphone (with Jelly Bean no less) has a place in the Australian sales charts -- probably near the top -- but with devices like the Nokia Lumia 920, the HTC 8S and HTC 8X and the other 20 or so devices coming out between now and then, the LG Optimus G risks launching with a fizzle and sliding into irrelevance quicker than you can say Windows Phone 8.

I really hope LG changes its mind and sticks it on Aussie shelves ASAP. It actually sounds like a great phone.



    Jelly Bean? I'm pretty sure it has ICS

      It has ICS at launch in Korea and key markets, but when it hits AU it'll ship with Jelly Bean.

    With 8mp camera instead of 13mp?

      But this isn't what you said in the article:

      "LG this week announced that the Optimus G — a 4.7-inch, quad core smartphone with 2GB of RAM and Android Jelly Bean — would go on sale in Korea next week."

    Luke, you're carrying on like the Australian market is of any relevance to LG's global sales. It is not. We are a tiny little country, with a tiny population that will never be of any consequence to any global company like LG, so put the indignation away.

      Thanks captain obvious. Doesn't mean we need to like it.

        Hahaha, love to see some spirit from the authors!!

        hahahaha captain obvious. This is great, gizmodo should fight back more often. I'm more interested in importing this beast, and whether it will work properly on our networks.

        If it does come out early 2013, then this phone is a fail. LG are always so close, this time it actually seems like they've taken down the S3, but they screw it up again with international release being delayed. In 2013, the new nexus phones will be out and the S4 will be right around the corner with approximately an April release.

          Also, judging from the design it looks like a one up from the S2 design which almosts makes it look like the true successor to the S2 with specs better than the S3. Its clear they are going after touchwiz in the video. Its funny LG Optimus G chasing Samsung Galaxy S III chasing iPhone 5.

            Uhh, how is the Galaxy S3 chasing the iPhone 5? The S3 launched first by a considerable margin and has been selling by the bucketload. If anything the iPhone 5 is chasing the S3.

              As much as I hate Apple, I have to disagree that the iPhone is chasing the S3 in terms of sales. iPhone sales are still much higher than S3 although times are changing. In terms of features however, iPhone is chasing S3

        Gold. Stick it to him.

      These same companies then whinge when they get poor sales here, and try to act like that is proof our market isn't worthwhile. If they release in a decent timeframe when their top of the line device is still top of the line though they would fly off shelves.

      Ha Ha. Have you seen LG's smartphones sales. I would think they would need all the help they can get. Their sales make RIM's and Nokia's look good.

      Motormouth: If you look into it a bit, Australia is a huge factor to a lot of companies because of the smartphone adoption rate this country has, we are in I believe, the top 5 worldwide. Singapore and Sweden I think last time I checked only had higher percentiles than us.

        So really what you're saying is we're something like 5th on phone dependency in the world. No wonder people get so heated up about different phone brands.

    If Samsung wanted to be annoying they could surely block the Optimus G from sale because it looks so damn similar to the S2...

    Just hoping the Galaxy Note 2 doesn't follow a similar path... Tho it's looking like it.

      Note 2 is not likely to see an Australian release at all. I got that from the man at the top. Although his English was a bit sketchy. Might if helped if my Korean was better lol. But note 1 sales have been abysmal so note 2 they feel is wasted on the Aussie market.

    Sounds like Luke is bias against WinPho8. Giz seems to have a lot of that

      I can't even fathom how you came to that conclusion. I've been on record several times saying I'm keen as mustard for WP8.

        it was probably this line that caused the confusion
        "launching with a fizzle and sliding into irrelevance quicker than you can say Windows Phone 8."


            you misread, I think he meant that the WP8 will be the market leader in the challenger space

          Like it or not, that is how Windows Phone is. I sell the things now and it doesn't even mention as a blip on the radar to most customers. I like Windows Phone, I'd like tog et to know Windows Phone, but it's just not out there. Where's the advertisements? Where's the poking fun at Apple/Android users for a bit of free publicity? They get one awesome trade show announcement and then what?

      He is biased against lots of things.

    The problem with LG is that their phones just have too many problems, they're not very attractive and already have a bad reputation. Go to a phone shop and try to find one sales person that will recommend an LG phone; no one wants to deal with the thing coming back.
    That's just my experience anyway.

      I have a LG optimus 7 and it's been a great phone. No problems yet..

      Funnily enough everyone I know who has bought an LG Android device has then bought a Samsung or HTC next. They don't seem to do too well with repeat business.

        Optimus 7 was the worst for me, unbelievably high return rate! The worst bit was there was a promotion where every one you sold you got $20 and if you sold 20 (I think) you got an xbox 360 as well as the $400, one guy did this and I always used to dread seeing his name on receipts... A friend of a friend bought one and he returned it to me for early life failure three times, his fourth one failed as well and I didn't see him again, presumably he did what he said he would and threw the bastard.

      I sell them, at least I would if we didn't just get cheap prepaids with 600MHz processors for stalling on facebook. No one likes selling those because we know that if we don't risk the sale by spelling out what issues you might have, you're probably going to assume it's faulty and try stick it on us to replace it.

      We just need a stronger product line-up.

    If this device was released in the next two months I'd actually consider buying it but I know that by early 2013 a similar spec'd device from

    A more reliable manufacturer will appear.

    "Availability: LG Optimus G will go on sale in Korea starting next week followed by other key global markets in quarter 4 this year and is planned for release in Australia in early 2013."

    The way I read that, I get the impression that LG doesn't consider Australia a "key global market", which is why it's launching here so late. Not a good way to win over customers, LG. We may be a small country but we do love our tech, and smartphones sell very well here.

      Not to mention we use similar frequencies and languages to Europe and Canada, and I couldn't care less if we just received the products of their marketing overseas. Half-hearted is still hearted.

      if you are talking on a per capita percentage then yeah sure we are about 4th in the world but actual sales we are far behind

      in December 2011 it was estimated that Australia had a total of 10.2 million smartphones, compared to the USA which has 111.8 Million smartphones and a 35% penetration rate

      a company like LG which in December 2011 only had a 4% share of the gloabal smartphone martket probably wants to concentrate on the larger volume markets where total penetration is not so high so that they actually have a chance of making a sale, instead of Australia where the market is dominated by HTC, Samsung and Apple

    2013 is just too slow, we need exclusive items, good luck

    Slow boat from China - sail boat

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