Leaked iPhone 5 Image Shows Bigger Battery, Fits Right Into Leaked iPhone 5 Case

If these images of the iPhone 5's rumoured bigger, taller battery tell the truth, we've just about completed the puzzle that is the next iPhone. So why does it matter that this leaked iPhone 5 battery is taller?

Well, all the leaked cases of the iPhone 5 have so far shown an iPhone that's taller than its predecessor. And if the iPhone 5 really is taller, the iPhone 5 would theoretically have more room for its internals, which means more room for a battery, which means more room for a TALLER battery, which means more legitimacy in the rumoured taller iPhone 5 design. Full circle and all that. Not to mention that a bigger battery could power all the 4G action the iPhone 5 will supposedly/probably have. Those faster 4G speeds suck batteries dry, so a bigger battery would make sense.

iResq, the guys who have had their hands in leaked parts before, says the battery for the iPhone 5 is 3.8V/5.45Whr while the iPhone 4S is 3.7V/5.3Whr. The battery is nearly half an inch taller than the 4S battery, but it's also thinner (which fits along with speculation that the iPhone 5 is a smidge thinner than the 4S). So how does the battery fit within the leaked iPhone 5 case? Perfectly. How convenient! Take a look:

So the leaked internal parts fitting perfectly into the leaked iPhone case might very well mean the rumoured two-tone, elongated body is very real. Or a very, very excellent fake. [iResq via MacRumors]

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