Laser Bike Light Creates Your Own Tron-Like Virtual Lane

The best way to stay safe while biking is to stay visible to those you share the road with. And while concepts for laser-based systems that create a highly visible virtual lane around your bike have existed for years and years, they're finally real (and cheap!) now.

A Korean company, called Slancio, makes this rear safety light that includes a requisite set of flashing red LEDs as well as a pair of lasers that produce a thin set of lines on the road on either side of your bike. Not only do they add to your visibility at night, they also create a safe space around your bicycle that most drivers and other riders will subconsciously stay clear of. It's a brilliant idea that's made all the more amazing with a $US20 price tag, making these a no-brainer upgrade for your ride.




    Fine if you ride perfectly upright the whole time, but when taking off from traffic lights your bike can go from one 60 degree angle to 60 degrees the other side pretty quickly, and you can lean into corners a fair bit too.

    I reckon this would just be more of a distraction than a safety enhancer!

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, whilst simultaneously wondering how often I would be changing the batteries if I had one.

    Is this just meant to stop cars from changing in to your lane too close to your back wheel? I can' t imagine it would make any difference for pedestrians as you'd be past them by the time they see it. And if cars are far away enough to see the lasers on the road (ie not hidden from their line of site by their bonnet) then they're probably not close enough to clip the back wheel anyway. Am I missing something here? (I'm not a cyclist)

      If it stops care passing within an inch of me I'm all for it!!

      Some cars seem to think they need to pass with the least amount of space between themselves and the bike rider, it's strange when a bus can go past and leave a gap of a metre or so, but a bloody Charade has to almost rip the handle bars off!!!

        I'm paranoid about hitting cyclists by accident, so I generally try and speed past just to get ahead and get you out of the way. I think this is interpretted interpreted as me being angry, because the car makes a racket when I boot it.
        The lines would help a lot. Ever seen someone try and reverse park a car they've only just driven for the first time?

        So I've never seen you before, but I'm sorry random cyclists everywhere - for overtaking you at the speed of light. It's for your own good, really.

          That is the worst argument for speeding ever. Especially past a cyclist.

          Just be patient, wait for an appropriate gap and over take at a safe speed.

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