LaCie Puts Thunderbolt On Its Portable, Rugged External SSD

Now this is what we were hoping for from Thunderbolt. LaCie just stuck a Thunderbolt port on its USB 3.0 Rugged series of external drives, meaning it's now a tiny, indestructible speed monster.

LaCie is claiming that the fully bus-powered Rugged USB 3.0 Thunderbolt Series is the fastest mobile storage. We want to get our hands on it in person before agreeing, but it's just nice to see Thunderbolt stuff finally coming out.

The claimed top-end speeds are certainly impressive:

The LaCie Rugged SSD delivers record-breaking speeds up to 380MB/s — making it the fastest bus-powered product ever. Respectively, the hard disk version performs up to 110MB/s, a 35 per cent improvement over FireWire 800.

The 256GB SSD version is listed as being out of stock right now. The 120GB SATA6Gbit/s SSD is $249 RRP in Australia, and the 1TB 5400rpm HDD is $299 RRP. [LaCie]



    I'd be most interested to see how Thunderbolt speeds compare to USB 3, which is already plenty fast enough for most of us, I'd reckon.

    That's probably what they said about USB2.0... File sizes will continue to get larger, faster transfers are going to become a necessity.

    Plus not to mention thunderbolt supplying 10W of power which can power a 3.5" HDD as opposed to usb3 offering just under 5W, only enough to power a 2.5" HDD/SSD. Thunderbolt opens up more opportunities for bus powered devices.

      This, I did not know. Didn't I read about MBAs getting a "gimped" Thunderbolt chip or something? Would this affect the power delivered through the port?

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