Kick Your Raspberry Pi Into Turbo Mode to Make It 50% Faster

Got a Raspberry Pi, but wish it was, well, a little bit faster? Your wish is the Pi Foundation’s command. Meet "turbo mode", which dynamically overclocks your Pi giving you a 50 per cent boost when you need it, without voiding your warranty. A quick game of Quake 3 anyone?

All you need is the latest version of Raspbian “Wheezy”, which you can grab direct from the Pi Foundation, and a bit of trial an error to see what the top speed your Pi will hold steady at. The latest OS update also brings with it USB and Wi-Fi driver updates too, so its worth grabbing even if you don’t intend on cooking your Pi a little.

Who said the mini marvel can’t be a blazing fast pocket computer? If you try this, let us know how you get on, and what kind of benchmarks you’re seeing post turbo mode. [Raspberry Pi]

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    I would just like my raspberry pi to arrive before I get too old to use it!!!!!!

    Ditto. The excitement has kinda worn off....

    Buy it from , Ive bought 2 from them and had them arrive the next day.

      Same here. They send directly from Sydney.

      Me too, next day delivery on the RPi itself. But any extras (case, serial cable, etc) took a little longer, < week though

    They are currently have corruption SD card issues with this update. I'd do some research before jumping in on this one.

      That corruption only happens with over volting to the higher settings (6 steps). I manually overclocked mine, running at 800/400/400 and it is running XBMC great.

      Anyone looking at these for XBMC I suggest you look into the following:

      SQL Shared library
      Dirty Regions settings

      The three above made a huge increase to the performance.

    Still trying to get RS to cancel my order :(

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