Jerry Seinfeld: If You Have An iPhone Case, Why Don't You Wear A Helmet?

We like our iPhones naked. Let it hang out, people! Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Gates's former commercial best friend, says as much in this video: if you have a case on your iPhone, why don't you have a helmet on your head?

In his talk with Joel Hodgson, after using Siri to solve a problem and spotting an iPhone case on Hodgson's phone (it looks like a bumper, which isn't that bad), Seinfeld jokes:

Ugh look at that pathetic little protector. Why dont you walk around with a helmet on too?

You should have a big styrofoam helmet.

We agree wholeheartedly. Check out the video clip here at Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. [Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee via Daring Fireball]

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