Is Your iPhone 5 Camera Seeing Purple?

The latest iPhone 5 defect claim to emerge is the issue of purple flares appearing in camera images where lighting is particularly bright. The issue was first pointed out in the AnandTech forums, and apparently Apple has acknowledged the issue. Plus looking at testing done by Mashable, the issue seems like anything but an isolated incident.

Some believe it's the sapphire glass covering the camera lens that's causing the problem, but if you look at the comparison images put together by Mashable's Charlie White, things become a bit murky. Indeed in one image, the iPhone 5s camera is much more affected by the purple halo than the iPhone 4S. In comparison image, the iPhone 4S actually suffers more of a purple effect than an iPhone 5. And then in a third comparison shot, in which both images are exposed to direct sunlight, the effect doesnt pop up at all. So who knows.

That said, our editor-in-chief Joe Brown noticed this exact problem happening on his phone, which is evident in the top image. Have you noticed anything strange with your iPhone 5 camera? [Ubergizmo]



    It's the ghost of Steve!

    Got the pink in a few shots when I was shooting rock pools

    hipsters now have an auto-filter... no need for instagram :P


    blue sun is so overrated!

    Heh, another reason why the iphone 5 fails so hard

    Thats cool they can just fix that with a case, isn't that the norm? or the iphone 5-p, releasing in March

    The Nikon owner needs to clean the dust off their lens :)

    So glad I'm not a part of the "OMG ITS A NEW IPHONE HAVE TO UPGRADE" crowd.
    All the problems this thing is having... does apple even bother with RnD or product testing anymore?
    Just using the mass hype to sell its stuff

      I've had my iPhone 5 since launch day and don't have a single complaint about it.

        obvious lie is obvious

          Oh you're still around, joy!

          You can call it a lie but I'm going to continue enjoying my iPhone 5. I don't really care what you think either way ;)

            How dare you believe you know how your iPhone is performing? Only someone who sits behind a screen and types on a keyboard can know detailed information like that.

            It is that sole reason I ask strangers and twitter what I should do every day, and ask them if I know how to do things. I let them decide. They know better then I

            I wont be going anywhere my friend, ill still be able to point out your lies for a long time to come.

            You have an iPhone 5 with 'no complaints' well sure, i spose that most sheep don't complain either.

            Sorry, you don't lie - you are just blinded.

              Lol I see you haven't changed either. Well I thought I had no problems with my iPhone but quite obviously you know better than I do so I'll just move along.

    Steve is haunting Apple from the grave because they did something he swore he would never do. Change the size of the screen.

    I seem to remember the iPhone 4 had this exact same issue (or at least one staggeringly similar).

    Must be the way in which the user is holding the phone. Nothing to do with the phone itself! but here take this $10 plastic digital camera. Problem [your problem] solved.

    No that purple is really there it's just our inferior eyes can't see it. All hail the iphone5!

    I went searching for the purple flare...only got it with a really bright light at a really adverse angle to the lens...seeing as at that point you have flare anyway, regardless of the colour, I don't really see it as a fault.

      That's about as big a fault as a camera can get.
      Not dealing with light properly makes a camera about as pointless as an ashtray on a motorbike.

    Aren't sapphires a purple-ish blue colour? Maybe the fancy sapphire glass is causing the problem?

    Almost 80% of the photos I have taken my iPhone 5 shows the purple effect. - and

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