Is The USB End Of Your Lightning Cable Getting Stuck In Your Computer?

CNET says that iPhone 5 owners are complaining about the USB end of their Lightning cables getting stuck in their computer. And apparently, Apple is willing to replace the cable.

Has this been a problem for anyone else? [CNET]



    I call full recall now. Just take it back and say, "Nothing works"

    First i heard. Seems ever since the release and because of ios maps, anything that people can nitpick apple on, they are doing.

      Oh and been using the cable pretty much everyday and it hasn't got stuck.

      I think people just expect stuff to work, especially when they fork out a premium for it.
      I know, it's crazy isn't it?!

      This would because Apple pride themselves for their supposed attention to fine detail. If that's how you judge the rest then that's how you get judged.

    I got a cable stuck this morning...

    More fibre.

    My wifes one is constantly getting stuck - me == android fan

    My brothers one has got stuck in his macbook, he took it to the apple sore and has a genius remove it the cable came out along with the rest of the USB port and he has to pay to get the macbook fixed, just lol.

      Then if I were your brother and the 'genius' removed it along with the usb port, I'd be talking to the Ombudsman. If a tech has damaged your machine in process of a repair/maintenance, the tech is liable for any repair that has to be performed. I've worked for Fujitsu and know this to be the case. Apple can try to get out of it, but if your brother rings up, the Ombudsman will give him this very advice. Apple will have to pay for the repair as it was damage done by the employee and a faulty product.

        Since when does Apple care, and get attacked for it in Australia?

        Australian law mandates that if a device breaks within a certain time since purchase (I think its two weeks or so), and is not user error (ie, dropped into toilet), the retailer MUST replace it with a brand new, identical device.

        Apple gives you a refurb. If anything. That breaks our law. Why would they bother with dodgy USB cables?

          More like if it does not match what was advertised or is not fit for intended purpose, I'm not aware of any law that requires us to swap a product within a short time frame. Some manufacturers give us an early life failure period, which gives us more wiggle room or sometimes sales staff might feel sorry for you, but on our end, we still have to send it off to service and hope for a credit. For certain, usually expensive products, we need to send off without replacing it, so you kinda have to wait it out. There is a reasonable period mentioned which is something like 10 business days for warranty examination.

          For what it's worth, I don't believe the Australian Consumer Law actually states directly who makes the decision regarding whether it's a refund, replacement or repair, but I don't believe it's in the best interests of a business to dole out replacements/refunds for errors which might reasonably be suspected of being caused by the consumer. That's why we have to leave it to the vendors themselves.

          This will be another fun Christmas this year.

      If the "Genius" did it, then they should repair/replace it, no ifs or buts about it.

    Like I said before Apple is nothing without Steve Headxobs, I give them 10 years before they are back into a small garage talking about their hey days.

    Hey I just bought an iPhone
    And this is crazy!!!
    but I'm a sheep
    So call me a fanboi!

    I can only imagine the temper tantrum Steve Jobs is throwing in hell right now.

    Maybe they are holding the USB end wrong?

    Use lube!

    Hah yeah this happened to me and I had to use pliers to get it out, only happens to my laptop though, desktop + work pc are loose as.

    Not stuck yet but i do agree its harder to pull out than the older cables!

    You're holding it wrong

    Mine got stuck in my Onkyo HT receiver.

    Couple of guys in my office got their cables stuck in their laptops. Needed a fair tug to dislodge it.

    had the same problem , be carefull you will damage the mother board , solution shut down pc , get a pair of pliars squeez usb sideways and on top ( both ways ) gently giggle about it will come away , worked for me ,

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