iPhone 5 Upgraders: How Many Cable Adapters Do You Think You'll Need?

Are you planning to get an iPhone 5? Do you have charge stations set up all over your home, car, and office? If you want to keep your setup intact, you're gonna have to get some of those $35 adapters (or buy new cables altogether). So how many 30-pin-to-Lightning adapters are you going to have to snatch up to maintain the status quo in your nerd cave?


    None... The cable that comes with it will be enough... Everything else is done wirelessly by either Airplay/tunes or Bluetooth...

      yep, none. same as Shane.

      I don't have any accessories so I won't need an adapter!
      I do need a new sports armband though... Don't think it'll fit anymore!

    one for bathroom dock, other than that i'll probably just buy new cheapo cables for bedside, pc and work charging points. probably a new car dock, the old one isn't worth spending extra money to continue using.

    Maybe one, just in case.

    I don't think it will work with my Alpine iPod cable, but my car has bluetooth anyway. I have a couple of Apple TVs and an Airport Express for AirPlay.
    I'd like to have one as a back up though, for my alarm clock dock, or for emergency charging in the car. But I'll wait until cheap knockoffs come out.

      Alpine use audio conversion from the iPhone out so, 99% ill be buying a new headunit soon haha

    Apparently it comes with one, can't see myself needing any more than that; everything I have seems to be bluetooth or wifi except the car. Actually, car has bluetooth as well, I'm covered.

      It doesn't come with one. That was an error on Apple's website.

    Long term, I will need 2 additional cables and an adaptor for the car.

    Annoyingly, this unlikely will allow iPod docks with analog audio connections to work - the majority of docks still sold today.

      This actually does allow analogue out from the 30 pin connector. Must have a DAC inside, which would explain some of the cost

    None. Will be upgrading from i4 to lumia 920 when and if it is released here. Maybe. No guarantees while my iPhone is working perfectly fine. What's the point?

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      but your still buying the iCrap...

        And you're still unable to grasp the basics of English grammar!

          ...because any valid point is rendered invalid if the proponent makes grammatical errors in their communication of the point...?


              I see I have struck a nerve with the fan boys.

    I wonder if Apple actually informed all of the third party manufacturers that they would be changing their connections meaning that the stock that they have on hand is going to go clearance and reduce in value.
    Putting a big fat adaptor on top of a dock doesn't look like it would in any way provide enough support for a phone in the vertical position. They have really screwed their current customers who might as well go android now as their stereos are not going to be compatible with new phones. Or they could just stick with their old phone and not upgrade.
    People may be used to upgrading phones that they carry around all day but people do not upgrade their stereos and cars every 2-years. It will be interesting to see if people still buy into the apple crap...

    i hav a total of four adapters to cater for my iphone 5 and new ipod nano. i like to keep backup cables in my bag and at work.

    10 years on the same adapter is a pretty good run. I don't see anything to complain about.

    None. I'll need a new car adapter but this wouldn't have workd well with what I have. Other than that I'll need a new dock, but I'm keeping my 4S too so I'd have wanted a new dock anyway. 4S will be used as my work phone, replacing the Desire HD that currently is used for work.

    I'm not buying any of those adapters.

    I'm just going to buy a couple of cables off eBay.

    I've got 2 very good docking stereos at work and my bedroom for my ipod touch. Rather than fiddling with adapters I'll just stick with the old model which I notice they're still selling.
    My next stereo/dock will be microusb and USB charging.

    I need 2 or 3 more charging points but ill just get 1 adapter for now and some cheap ones when they are made in china

    1. Car connector
    2. Bose speaker dock
    3. Sony bedside alarm clock dock
    4. Apple dock (at work)
    the list goes on...

    FU Apple.

    One, because I can only use my iPhone in one at a time.

    Wow ! I remember years ago when I worked at Telstra shop , people would change from Nokia to Motorola or Sony-Ericsson and no one ever complain that the cable is going to be different ! If the cable comes with the phone what is the problem ? If you have that many iPhone docks around the house you may have possibly over spent on one single technology and that is ignorant to think it would stay that way forever

    Stuff the adapters, I'm getting a Samsung.

    Over 9000!!!

    Zero. I can't remember the last time I plugged any iDevice into a PC, other than my old and sadly now shattered nano. Not a fan of the new ones but will probably end up with one. Plenty of spare USB ports to just use the cables supplied.

    At that price? Wouldn't new cables be cheaper/similar price? For me, I need 2. One next to the bed to charge, one on my work PC for iOS development.

    Just one for me. My house is all AirPlay, but a lot of my friends use the docks so I'll need one for times like that... I might not even bother, I trust my mates taste in music :p

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