iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Hit Two Million In 24 Hours

Apple blew through the first batch of iPhone 5s almost as soon as pre-orders started, and the company is now saying that pre-orders for the new phone have reached over two million in just the first 24 hours -- twice the record set by the iPhone 4S.

Apple's senior VP of Worldwide Marketing put it this way:

iPhone 5 pre-orders have shattered the previous record held by iPhone 4S and the customer response to iPhone 5 has been phenomenal. iPhone 5 is the best iPhone yet, the most beautiful product we've ever made, and we hope customers love it as much as we do.

Incremental upgrade or not, you can't deny one thing: that sucker is flying off the shelves. If you haven't laid claim to one yet, you might be in for quite the wait. [Apple]



    "shattered the previous record" :-) So they are in some sort of competition with themselves. Good for their business and something tangible for their marketing to play with.

    Isn't that the point of doing business?

    two million idiots and counting....


    Well they've got a LONG way to go to reach the 9+million pre-orders of the S3, which I believe was the highest pre-sold gadget in history.

      Why do you guys care about this stuff? Have you run out of Star Trek box sets ? Get.a.life.

    well, that's just 24 hours. We'll see the figure again in 2 weeks

      Said they had a long way to go, didn't say it wasn't possible ;) There ARE a lot of mindless drones out there who will buy into it just because it's perceived as a "status device" but then there are also the people who legitimately want a larger 4S and are happy with the limited technology enhancements that apple feeds them in return for sticking with what they know. Android has always been about the power user and apple has always been about the simpletons.

        your aspertions are weak. Ever thought that maybe people want an iPhone upgrade simply because they own all apple gear? Why throw an android into that ecosystem. Besides, if an iPhone does everything they need it to, then why do you care? Stick to your Android and be happy, and let the Apple fans be happy with theirs.

        If I owned an iPhone and was looking to upgrade, would I go for an android and forego all the apps I've purchased in iTunes over the past 5 years or so.....or would I just get the latest iPhone and drop it all in there, free? So many sour grapes from Android users, it really does just stink of jealousy more than anything else.

        I have HTC Desire S and I personally find the Android OS unstable, laggy and above all spam ridden. I have to delete about 4 self installing icons every 2 days on my homescreen for slot games and battery savers and whatnot, as well as spam notifications telling me I've won iPads and such. I should be sitting on a mountain of new ipads by now. This isn't a problem within apple's ecosystem and I must say that it surely is something I envy and would change over in a heartbeat providing I can convince my employers to supply one. I have iPad.....never had a problem and the OS is slicker than snot.

        "it just works" is a great slogan, because it's 100% true. People arent sheep, they just like this approach to tech as I'm sure a lot have suffered in the past with PC's and non-apple mobile tech playing up.

          I've been all over the android vs iphone articles and your post is almost spot on to my train of thought.

          There's nothing wrong with Android, it works, it's good at what it does and in another set of circumstances I would use it. Same goes with IOS but I just happen to have owned one since the 3G came out because the competition at that stage was abysmal.

          My personal take is that most older android devices/tablets (and by older I mean 8+ months old) lack heaps of finish/smoothness that even the iphone 3G had. They lag, have the ability for the user to install malware/crummy apps with ads and unless you dive into the android world it's just a hassle to start rummaging around your apps to start optimising things. I would have loved that years ago when Nokias were thriving but honestly why could I be bothered, it's a phone and I need it to work with as minimal hassle as possible.

          The newest line of Android devices (One-x/SIII) are amazing and I wish Android ran that great from the start... but it's taken so long now that I (and I think a lot of people) couldn't be bothered changing over.

          I get that Android has WAY more options and tweakability than IOS and in heaps of cases that's a massive advantage (lol @ non custom sms tone on IOS, or not being able to place a shortcut anywhere on the screen, or no drag and drop of files). I could name heaps of annoying things about IOS. For me, the tradeoff of keeping things a bit walled for the sake of having a massively stable phone is worth it. Does everyone want this, no... but that doesn't make me an Isheep. I love tinkering with PC's/Networking/Consoles and general electronics but for some reason I just like what IOS is doing (which is weird because I'd never use a Mac as a general pc).

          I used to get annoyed with the whole android vs ios thing but now I just laugh at anyone preaching in either direction, it's so stupid. There's massive merits in both worlds and there is no "right" answer. If you have a phone and love what it does then you've won. The general tone of Android fanboys is that they love taking shots at IPhones and IOS. They have a massive chip on their shoulder for some reason and it's mega apparent across the giz/kotaku forums.

            "I get that Android has WAY more options and tweakability than IOS". Well that's if you are comparing iOS and android by their default state. Jailbreak an iOS device and it's a lot more tweak-able than android...

        I am a software developer as well as a Electrical/Electronic engineering and spend my work hours in front of a PC. Wouldn't consider myself a simpleton. When I am not working I want something that is straight forward and simple and lets me concentrate on creation instead of computing. So far Apple is the only ecosystem that offers that for me. iOS even more. This is only my experience and it might be different for others.

      Well 'We' as in non Apple users could see the figure. Apple users can only see inside their walled garden and utopian ideology that they worship. I doubt if they can see beyond the curved edges of their Apple product.

    if the iPhone 5 is sooooooo inferior, then why do the Android community even care about anything it does in the market? It's kinda weak.

    And the prize for the most ridiculous post of the day goes to - this guy! ^

    This thing better be well stocked in Perth stores on release. I plan on retiring my iPhone 4 and mounting it on my wall behind "break in case of emergency" glass as soon as its out.

      Hahaha we're on the same page man. Gonna keep my iPhone 4 as a backup too because it still does its job well. You gonna line up eh? You'll be waiting for a while I think...

    Oops. Not James, wsDK_II.

      I can assure you, they will get more ridiculous.

    I love my 4S, but.... meh.

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