iPhone 5 Meta Hands-On: Surprise! It's A Pretty Sweet iPhone

Finally, the iPhone 5 has been officially announced. Despite all the talk of "doubling down on secrecy" we knew most of the details before hand. Now get ready for one more non-surprise as various hands-on impressions start rolling in: the iPhone 5 is a pretty sweet iPhone.


The phone itself doesn't feel too much different than the iPhone 4 and 4S; yes, it's a bit taller, but by keeping the width the same, you'll utilise a very familiar grasp to hold it.

In typical Apple fashion, even the finest details have been worked over tirelessly. The metal feels downright elegant to the touch, and the same line we've said time and time again applies here: there's no doubting the premium fit and finish when you clutch one of these thing. Yeah, the headphone port's now on the bottom, but avid Galaxy Nexus iPod touch users shouldn't have too much trouble adjusting.


In short, it's a beautifully constructed, cohesive combination of design and materials: even if you're not an iOS fan, you'll have to appreciate the package Apple has put together. If, though, you are an iOS lover — and there are plenty of them around — then the iPhone 5 is easily the best model yet. It's the significant refresh many were hoping of the iPhone 4S, and it's going to sell like wildfire.


The screen is the real draw here and I'm really interested to see how it improves the experience in real-world conditions. Obviously you're getting just a bit more real estate and the Lightning connector allows for far more room for battery and processor. Again, it's far too early to tell right now, but if you're looking for something in the sweet spot between monsters like the Galaxy S III and the arguably bordering-on-too-small (at this point) iPhone 4, this may be a good compromise.

Build quality is quite nice and the solid aluminium is quite unique and quite solid. Hopefully this will reduce some damage if it falls on a hard surface.

Tech Radar

What perhaps is more suprising is just how much snappier this feels than the iPhone 4S. The A6 chip clearly has significant amount more grunt under its smaller hood — but what is surprising is that you can immediately tell when you use the device alongside its predecessor.

The Verge

The 7.6mm, 112-gram chassis is incredibly sleek, and exceptionally light... it feels almost too light in the hand. This isn't just in comparison to the relatively heavy iPhone 4S -- sure, the iPhone 5 may not be the thinnest phone out there as Apple claims -- but this feels incredibly light against smartphones in general.

The iPhone 5 is still a sturdy and solid-feeling device, despite the weight loss. The back is primarily a slab of machined aluminium - as are the sides - but just as we saw in the leaks there are two strips of glass along the top and bottom of the device. These strips feel identical to the glass that drapes over the entire face of the device.



    Not happy about this one though: http://www.apple.com/au/ios/feature-availability/#maps-turn-by-turn-navigation

      I read that the 3d buildings worked in sydney and melbourne but here states only USA so wonder if this list will be updated and we might get turn by turn at a later stage


      No navigation in Australia - they've got to be kidding!!!

    Universally glowing. I'm sure it's great, but I will never trust reviews or impressions of any device that refuse to mention negative aspects. That lack tends to indicate a failure of objectivity.

    WTF?!? Does Apple write the reviews now??

    How is this phone 'revolutionary'?? I think I'll be sticking with my 4S until the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 release.

      Didn't see the word revolutionary anywhere and haven't seen it being referred to as revolutionary? Why would have apple written those reviews as there is nothing too outstanding in the reviews above, they all basically say it's better than the 4S. I can't say anything until I have tried it.

      Yes Fitzy, Apple has paid off all of the tech sites. They are all conspiring to steal from you! Or, maybe what they write is actually what they believe. But I prefer the conspiracy theory, I still believe that man never landed on the moon and that it was faked in a studio.

      yeah i didnt see revolutionary either, so all fairly reputable tech blog sites say its excellent construction and better than the 4s, how dare they have a positive opinion of a phone none of us have held personally ourselves

    Hang on ... the back has two small glass panels at the top and bottom? Weird.

      If they hadn't included the glass panels on the back, they'd have put 1000s of third party iPhone repairers out of a job.

        do people seriously pay repairers to change the back panel on their iPhones? haha people are stupid. If you cant take out 2 tiny screws you shouldnt be allowed to own a smartphone.

          I could change the oil on my car too, but I'd rather just pay someone to do it :)

            its literally take out 2 screws swap cover and replace screws. I've seen shops charging up to $80 for what I believe I could do in less than a minute, with a $6 part off ebay. If changing your oil took less than one minute, had no waste to get rid of and didnt mean you needed a shower afterwards would you pay a 1300% premium for someone else to do it. In fact driving to the shop to get someone else to do it would take more effort than replacing it yourself.

      I'm pretty sure the part glass design is to allow clearer signals in/out and the aluminium is for strength.

      It's for the aerials.... radio signals don't work so well through aluminium....

    I love how there's no first hand 'hands-on' because these jokers have been barred from all Apple events for the iPhone 4 break.

    I can't believe its lighter than my galaxy s3 which is made out of shit plastics. bye bye s3, im back on the iphone bandwagon next week

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