iOS 6 Is Available To Download Right Now

iOS 6 is finally available for public consumption, and you can get it in one of two ways: you can plug your iOS device into your computer and check iTunes for an update, or you can go into the settings menu on your iPhone (3GS, 4 or 4S), iPod touch (4G, 5G) or iPad (iPad 2 or New iPad) and navigate to General > Software Update.

While updating shouldn't wipe out your previously stored data, you should back your device up just to be safe. If you don't see the update popping up right away, you shouldn't have to wait too long. These things often do take a while to roll out to everyone.

Check back later today for a rundown on all the best features of iOS 6.


    Downloading right now.

    Available is one thing, being able to is another. On internode having repeated failures it doesn't even give me a time estimate. Just changed my dns

      Weird, I downloaded through Internode just fine this morning. Took all of maybe 10 minutes for the actual download. Was through a FTTH connection though.

        Tried it about 20 times and it wasnt happy wouldn't even start soon as I changed my dns it started took 25 mins then failed while preparing. Set my dns

          To be fair, I did the update at about 4:30 this morning.

          Liking the new Maps (especially 3D and Traffic) and Siri functions very much. Also, full screen Safari and the new App Store is good too. Facebook integration with Contact Sync rules. Speed seems pretty much on par for me, browser speed is up though. Battery was already flat from 100% by 8am. :-)

    ^^ changed dns to and then it decided to play although slowly its cranked upto 3 hours remaining already. Prob just missed that window before everyone else was awake doing thr same thing

    Not available for me. Says I'm up to date with 5.1.1

      Out of curiosity are you jailbroken? I'm wondering if I need to factory reset before I can update?

        Jailbroken shouldnt make a difference to being able to detect the upadte. My 4 and 4S are JB'd and both showed an update available. As for actually installing the update on JB device thats a different story.

    Can anybody advise if it slows down older iPhones much? Not sure if I want it - I like Google maps.

      I have had it on my 4 since Monday - only things that seem slower are the app store and itunes. Some things even seem faster.

      Not too much of a difference on an iPhone 3Gs, if you've gotten used to iOS 5, it pretty much feels exactly the same, also because the 3Gs didn't get the biggest update, got a few nice features though.

    I might wait a day or two.... all you die hard fans can sit there waiting xx-hrs for your ultra slow download!

    I'll pick at the bones once you're done! ;)

    It says my software is up to date but it's only 5.1 ?

    I downloaded it fine, but I'm getting an "unknown error".

    Upgraded iPhone 4 to ios6 this morning

    Everything is running good. Even Seems a little faster. Browsing especially...

    I've downloaded for both my iPhone4 and iPad2, no issues... from initial looks it doesn't seem like too much of a 'major' upgrade. I suppose I will take a peek through all the nooks and crannies.

    I used that article from Lifehacker last week to update to iOS 6 then. It's the GM though, not the actual release (although the software itself is exactly the same), once the big rush dies down I'll restore it to the proper release, I left it downloading in iTunes before I went to work.

    Just updated on a few devices, worked fine. Updated iPhones 4S OTA, and then an iPad 3 and iPhone 3GS via iTunes as well, which is heaps faster, it takes forever to unpack the iOS 6 file, even on a 4S.

    iOS 5 was the horrible one to update, their servers went haywire, I had to retry 6 times to get an iPod updated. -> might be worth a read before the update. Looks like some issues for people. I'm having the same issue at the moment on my ipad

      my guess is that it's trying to hit a particular URL to validate connectivity and was getting pretty hammered.
      I kept getting an apple 401 page in a wifi hot-spot style/safari "login" box, but on the last attempt I got a page that read "success" and it works now

      Oh that has to suck! I do remember glancing at something on whirpool with people having issues with wifi when running the beta and even the GM.

      Had that WiFi issue. Seems to be resolved now.

    Lol. I updated my iPad 3 this morning and it didn't take long. I noticed that the maps turn by turn function and 3d capabilities didn't work as well as I thought. Haven't tried the other improvements. Siri though seemed to understand what I was asking.

    "Give me directions to my closest MacDonalds please Siri"

    She found the closest one and even opened maps for me on the iPad.

    So, what are your first feedbacks following the update?

      There are more smileys on the emoticon keyboard! (..otherwise see my feedback above...)

    I also noticed that the new "clocks app" for the iPad(long overdue) uses songs from your personal list as an alarm (anyone with an updated iPhone that can confirm this for the iPhone as well please that can also confirm whether this works with phone ringtones as well) as my iPhone is getting repaired haha. Don't really see a major improvement over 5.1 but it basically makes the I devices new toys hahaha. No YouTube app as well unless I just can't see mine lol.

      Removed, but playback is integrated into a lot of things, and Google will have a new app soon. With ads. :|

      Songs as Alarm tones on the iPhone too. The integrated YouTube app was removed, but google brought out their own that you can download. Siri oddly won't recognize it in a voice launch command though. Hopefully google replaces the loss of Maps with something that's got StreetView pretty soon, other than that the Apple Maps app is good and fast.

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