iiNet Is Bringing Out 4G Services Of Its Own

Now this is what I'm talking about. Competition. iiNet today announced that it will soon offer its own consumer 4G broadband services over the Optus 4G network.

iiNet today confirmed that it would offer 4G services, adding that it would bring out a variety of "iiNet-branded 4G devices" in the near future. One of those devices is a Wi-Fi hotspot modem, similar to the ones we've seen from Optus and Telstra. The difference with the iiNet device, though, will be support for 10 devices to be connected simultaneously.

No prices or release date yet, sadly, but iiNet has said that it will release details in "the coming months".

So as far as 4G players are concerned, we now have Telstra, Optus, Virgin live in-market, and we'll soon have iiNet, too. It's a good time for speed-loving geeks.

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    I wonder if they can beat ADSL price.

    Bring on competition! This will be good for the market.

    For a such a pro- NBN site, the sentence "Now this is what I’m talking about. Competition." seems a little out of place.

      Then you fundamentally fail to understand either competition, or the NBN.

    Doesn't really count if they are just reselling Optus network. Would be more impressed if they created their own network or had a deal with multiple carriers and the handset just jumped to the fastest signal.

    MVNO's (mobile virtual network operators) will bring cheap call plans to the masses. Although I am sceptical that the services will be much good. VM to text and similar features will be missing. PLUS I have a feeling that the nodes will have OPTUS direct customer access over any MVNO's .... There is a Virgin case going on right now I have been told.

      I have been on iinet (optus since they released the service) and its been excellent. We get VM to text, coverage is just as good as being a direct customer, I just pay a 1/3 of what it would cost to be on Optus. Even if it just being a MVNO, the deals are way better.

    I find the title deceptive. Made me think they were building their own 4G network.

    Considering Optus have been "upgrading towers" in geelong for over ten years and the service is still woeful. Im reluctant to believe their 4g would be any better.

    At least iiNet is trying to bring competition to the market.
    If you don't like, good for you. Just the current iiNetters swear by them because they have something called customer service.

      And something called "only connect the low hanging fruit". I live in an area where I have to get Telstra ADSL connected first, wait out my contract (or write off the connect cost) and then connect iiNet. Why? Because they only connect houses where they can "tail gate" a Telstra ADSL connection in many areas. Not competitive, just exploiting the anomalies in our "regulated competition". Very good at that, with great customer care, admittedly, if they can be bothered to connect you at all. Another example - when their 4G comes out, I can't have it, because I need a fixed connection with them first. Even if I could get a connection from them, I would also lose my 4G connection if I switched ISPs for my fixed connection. Is that really "competition"? I would love to love iiNet, but the hype does not match the delivery in many locations.

        @jeremy: Telstra currently own the copper, so they're the only ones who can connect you to an exchange. We had the situation a few years ago where our new (to us) house was on a pair-gain line, unsuitable for ADSL. Iinet tried to get Telstra to fix this but it was "impossible"
        We then applied for BigPond ADSL and it suddenly became possible after all!

        We then reminded Bigpond/Telstra of their responsibility to treat other carriers the same as their own users and, after getting the Ombusman to smack them a bit, cancelled our Bigpond and connected our (cheaper, bigger, faster) iiNet connection at last.

        Just saying; check where the blame really lies, and pursue your rights.

    If this is just another straight Optus retail resell, it doesn’t really add much to the landscape.

    Seemingly only Exetel and Internode have done much beyond putting their name on the invoice that a customer gets each month with regard to mobile broadband services.

    If I want a static IP, access to the various IX points around the country and an escape from the “all traffic must transit Sydney” behaviour that Telstra and Optus are guilty of on their retail mobile products, Exetel and Internode are still my only options.

      You are wrong about Telstra's mobile transit. The are GGSN (exit nodes) Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. I know that, because I worked there. The odd bit is that sometimes the routing will exit at a GGSN other than the one that is "closest" - this is for load shedding purposes. Given that there are a boatload of telstra internal services in Melbourne, and to an extent in Sydney and Brisbane this can result in oddness - I have seen exits in Adelaide from Sydney for example. Bigpond wireless services have the additional wrinkle of having to traverse a POP for metering and unmetereing.

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