iiNet Is Bringing Out 4G Services Of Its Own

iiNet Is Bringing Out 4G Services Of Its Own

Now this is what I’m talking about. Competition. iiNet today announced that it will soon offer its own consumer 4G broadband services over the Optus 4G network.

iiNet today confirmed that it would offer 4G services, adding that it would bring out a variety of “iiNet-branded 4G devices” in the near future. One of those devices is a Wi-Fi hotspot modem, similar to the ones we’ve seen from Optus and Telstra. The difference with the iiNet device, though, will be support for 10 devices to be connected simultaneously.

No prices or release date yet, sadly, but iiNet has said that it will release details in “the coming months”.

So as far as 4G players are concerned, we now have Telstra, Optus, Virgin live in-market, and we’ll soon have iiNet, too. It’s a good time for speed-loving geeks.

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