How Your Favourite Apps Look On The iPhone 5 Vs The iPhone 4S

One of the biggest differentiating factors from last iPhone to this one is the iPhone 5's longer screen. It's the first thing anyone notices, and the lengthening of the display makes apps feel a lot less cramped. Here are a few of the more popular apps that have already been optimised, next to their old iPhone 4S counterparts.





New York Times




    what happens to developers that's interface is specific to a certain ratio like a game developer? when they develop game they have to do it for 2 different ratios, wouldnt that be really annoying?
    I looked it up but I can only find information about an iphone 4 and bellow apps being on iphone 5 but not the other way around

      Still a lot less than what android developers need to account for.

    Ive been wondering about this aswell

    I spy, with my little eye, a jailbroken 4S.

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