How To Destroy A Car With Slingshots And A Warhammer

A giant, heavy hammer seems like an easy weapon to wield, but if you're not Thor, it turns out that it can be a little tough. That hasn't stopped slingshot virtuoso Joerg Sprave from using one -- and a few of the slingshots from his collection -- to utterly destroy a car with some help from a friend.

Sure, you can spend lots of a time building impressive slingshot gadgets, but every now and then you've got to take some time off to just destroy. [YouTube]<


    This guy is awesome! I love that he's so techincal in his engineering of his weapons, yet so matter of fact about being a BIG kid, he loves his life so fricken much! And that accent lol just perfect!

    45KG hammer dear god i would be all tuckered out after a couple of swings, does look fun though

    It's not a warhammer, it's a sledge. A fantasy sledge yeah, but not a warhammer. Real warhammers were obviously much easier to swing and never looked like that. That thing looks like something from the steam age.

    Anyway, enough bitching. The destruction is very impressive!

      I actually know Joerg , he's coming out to Australia next week, would you like to meet him and correct him in person?

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