How To Build An iPhone 5 Dock For $1.27

How To Build An iPhone 5 Dock For $1.27

Since the iPhone 5 Lightning adaptor has a chip that prevents you from using third-party cables, you can forget about using an inexpensive off-brand dock. That setup didn’t suit Casey Neistat, a filmmaker who prefers to keep a (now obsolete) dock firmly bolted to his desk.

Neistat set out to build a simple plywood stand using scraps from the hardware bins in his well-stocked studio. Neistat had the parts on hand, but he estimated a total project cost of “about $US1.27?”

That’s assuming you have all the appropriate power tools on hand, but if you don’t own a drill you may not want to embark on this project in the first place. The filmmaker explains the procedure in the three-minute clip above. Here are a few highlights of his design — if you take on your own DIY dock project, keep these details in mind:

  • Rout out a channel for the cord to travel in through the base of the stand.
  • Use glue and a cable clamp to hold the cord so it doesn’t strain as the phone pulls away.
  • Any scrap 2cm lumber works; just give the phone a second piece to lean against.

Nice work!