How Should You Use HP's New NFC Mouse?

This is HP's new Touch-to-Pair Mouse. For just $US40, HP will sell you this chunk of NFC-enabled peripheral, which can be paired with devices with the lightest tap. Sounds great, right? Except how many gadgets come with NFC capabilities?

Off the top of my head, I can only think of — funnily enough — the HP Spectre. There are probably more that I've forgotten, and I'm sure you'll put me straight in the comments, but as far as I can tell this product doesn't have much of a market.

There is, of course, a small NFC germ itching to get growing, but it will still be some time before NFC on laptops hits the mainstream. So are HP forward-looking or just off the mark with this mouse? [Engadget]



    Obviously looking forward. They aren't idiots

    Looks pretty swish, I'm keen to give it a go.

    As for NFC - I think NFC pairing for bluetooth connections makes a huge amount of sense. Whether it catches on or not is another story.

    There is no NFC on iPhone (yet) so until there is, no one will care. So what if everyone else has it - it's not real until Apple uses it and give it a new cool name.

    This is just the start, please let keep this going. Logitech are you looking.

    Think about induction charging mouse pad and NFC pairing. Tap to pair the devices, but then they are always charged.

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