How Much Will The Wii U Cost In Australia?

Nintendo held an online event last night to celebrate all things Wii U, and shortly after the event, Nintendo Australia got in touch to tell us the release date and price for Australia.

It's going to come in two variants: a basic and premium edition. The basic edition will cost you $349.95. The basic edition nabs you a white Wii U with 8GB of storage and a white gamepad.

The premium edition has a bit more bang for your buck. At $429.95, it includes the black Wii U console with 32GB of storage, a black gamepad, and HDMI cable a charging dock for the gamepad and a sensor bar for the Nintendo Land software. You'll also get yourself in on the Nintendo Network Premium program that will give you points for Nintendo eShop purchases.

In the US, the premium kit is going on sale for $US349.99 while the basic kit will cost $US299.99.

Both kits go on sale in Australia November 30, right in time to go under the tree for Christmas.

Are you getting a Wii U?

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    I'd probably of bought one just for the hell of it, and Mario and Zelda for $350.

    $430 though I don't know if I cbf, since I'll only use it for Mario and Zelda...

      yeah $80 extra that'll break the bank...$80 is hardly enough money for two people to go to the movies now days.

      ...if you're only going to use it for Mario and Zelda, then why even bother with the $430 model/complain about it when the $350 one is right there and serves your purposes perfectly?

    Ah theres no doubts here. I'll be there day one. Mario, Zelda, Pikmin in HD? win.

    Considering my Wii hasn't seen any use in 2 years, I think I will give this one a miss.

    the way I see it is you get nintendo land for free, which no doubt will be sold at full pricing, which more than covers the extra cost when you throw in a hdmi cable, sensor bar, charging dock and the extra memory

    How much do you think the original Wii would be worth on a trade-in now? $20? :S

    Once again we get screwed compared to the rest of the world re: pricing. I'm ALWAYS a day one Nintendo fanboi, but not his time. Mario isn't enough to entice me any more.

    I'll be waiting on 2 things:

    1) Price drop
    2) Zelda

      How is this getting screwed? these prices are great.

        err the massive difference between USD and AUD doesn't phase you at all, even when our dollar is so strong? :S

          I dont think the American prices include taxes which if you add roughly 10% then its pretty close for price.

          The us price does not affect ours, we are not kept in the same catergory as them when it comes gaming, and compared to what the japs are paying we are paying 20 dollars more, which is what was expected

          to think that the strength of the AUD would give us parity in hardware pricing is a bit far fetched

          the British pound sterling has been stronger than the USD since trading of the USD started

          so look at the price they will sell the unit for in the UK, £249.99 (~$385) for the basic or £299.99 (~$460) for the premium

          should note that also UK retailers are selling it with Zombie U on launch for £349.99 (~$540)

    I'll think about getting one once its hacked.

    The Mario Galaxy series was the only reason I ever played my Wii, so let me know when there's a new Mario 3D platformer out and I'll pick up a Wii U.

    Pikmin and I'll be happy.

    Help me out here...Does that mean the white one does NOT have a sensor bar thus does NOT come with motion control ability's?

      It doesn't come bundled with one, but you can use the Wii one, or buy a bundle at launch which will include a sensor bar.

        By 'buy a bundle at launch which will include a sensor bar' I didn't mean, buy the 'black' bundle, but it appears that Nintendo will release a pack which included a sensor bar, wiimote plus etc.

          Haven't being following much on this development, but does that mean the basic function of wiiU won't require sensor bar to play?

      It does come bundled with one, in Japan it doesn't though.

        From what I understand, it doesn't need the sensor bar. It only needs it when wiimote's are involved. (I could be wrong, I'm trying to work and catch up on the Wii U stuff at the same time :o) )

    It costs US$349.99 for the premium in the states. Put that in a currency converter and it should cost AU$331.35. This works out to AU$429.95? Who is getting that other $100?

      Goverment gets $33 in GST, then add a little for freight to AU , allow for some currency fluctuation, then there's distribution and local retail overhead.. not as bad as we often get hit, but not as good as the AU$350 non-premium package.

      Umm the us price does not effect Australian pricing, we are 2 different reigions

      we're two different regions their price does not affect ours, and compared to the Jap price we are getting screwed $25 dollars which is basically what we pay in import taxes

    Still waiting for games nintendo, show us games on the horizon
    I have no confidence in this system

    it funny
    i am thinking of getting one simply because of a non nintendo game.
    I LOVED Rayman Origins last year and the 5 player sequel looks fantastic. nintendo land and NSMB look pretty boring IMO.

    with the 3DS i started not being a day 1 nintendo fan but ubisoft might convince me this time

    Its kind of anoying how nintendo has only made a black premium pack and a white basic pack instead of making both packs in your choice of colour. (I want a white premium pack)

    Its gonna be pricy when the kids want another pad etc

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