How Do You Share And Stream Music Between Devices At Home?

There have never been more ways to stream and share music in your home. But how do you do it?

Are you fully sold on Sonos? An avid fan of Apple's AirPlay? Or perhaps you run some geeky central server that feeds music to the rest of your house using some homebrew streaming solution? Share details of your setup with us in the comments below.


    Interesting piece of information for anyone trying to setup an AirPlay entertainment system. Recently purchased a projector there are no in-built speakers. I didn't want wires running everywhere so thought I could get around it by using an apple TV2! Turns out you can run music to any AirPlay speaker but the sound to movies playing through the Apple TV2 was not quite as easy. Recently decided the "Libratone Lounge" was the AirPlay speaker for me, contacted the company in Sweden. They advised me that although it wasn't currently possible to get the video on my projector via Apple TV and the sound through the AirPlay speaker that when the new version of iOS was released this would then become possible.

      TJ if you run MAC H/W look for AirFoil, it will route any applications audio through the AirPlay. I've been using it for yonks to stream movie audio from VLC etc that aren't supported by APlay natively.

      Not sure if there is a windows equal

    Running a Windows Home Server with Serviio media server.

    Transcodes all my media to play through the Xbox or PS3 no problems, and much faster than Twonky or PS3 media server ever was with less incompatible media.

    For quick music streaming I have a bluetooth gateway plugged into my stereo and connect with either my phone or laptop.

    xbmc all the way

      +1. I stream to my xbmc boxes from my phone all the time. especially when I come home with a song playing on my phone then can take my headphones off and the music continues from where I left off on my sound system.

        how did you guys setup xbmc to stream your music? i can do videos with sound but cannot get music to play through the xbmc via airplay!

    i have all android stuff with all my music uploaded to google music cloud so i just use that... nothing fancy it just works.

    I use pc running foobar2000, then a couple of apt-x bluetooth speakers in different rooms (kitchen/bathroom etc), then a usb dock with buttons, assign a button to a speaker voila, control music via monkeymote on the ipad or foobar controller on s2 phone.

    PS3 Media Server, which I use to stream to... wait for it... my Xbox. I have a PS3, but it seems to be more reliable using my Xbox instead to stream content. I might give that Serviio that dkNigs mentioned a go though, I streamed an mkv file last night and PS3 Media Server didn't seem to keep up quick enough with transcoding.

    Boxee box, NAS for storing media, VPN to get Hulu and Netflix, and last but not least Spotify

    PS3 Media Server to PS3 downstairs, Airplay via Air Video Upstairs (as redundant as this is, I've found it to be the most convenient way to stream media their is), Spotify through Airplay to speakers on both levels of the house. Airfoil on the Mac downstairs.

    I'm not stupid enough to need to stream anything. I have one device for each purpose and use them appropriately. I have my ZuneHD for music at home, my TV has a DVD player and PVR built in and I use my phone for music away from home. Sorted.
    Technology is supposed to make things simpler, and for a long time it did, but lately it seems that we have so much disposable income that you lot want more and more gadgets that all do basically the same stuff and you all seem perfectly happy to spend ridiculous amounts of money to facilitate what is basically madness.

      someone didn't get the toy he / she wanted for his / her birthday..
      sounds like the same person needs a nap too

        i think he's kinda right though. i look at 8 years ago how i used to consume my media. i had an iPod for my music, along with a cd player at home. i also had a dvd player for dvd's plus a tvix to play my downloaded movies/tv shows. that was it. nice and simple. now...
        on my iMac i have 3 media servers running at all times. ps3ms, plex and air video. ps3ms serves my 5 ps3's with movies and tv shows. plex also serves the ps3's (if someone is already using ps3ms) but the main use is to serve my samsung TV in the living room, mind you, there is already 2 ps3's connected to this 1 TV. air video is serving the 4 iPad's, 2 iPhone's and 1 iPod touch with movies and TV shows. Then i have 4 atv2's which are used solely for streaming music from the same iMac using iTunes home sharing. there is an iPod in my car hooked up to the stereo plus the 2 iPhones and iPod touch are used as portable music devices too.
        then we have netflix which is streamed to 3 of the ps3's, the iMac, 3 MBP's and 2 of the iPad's.
        i reckon thats it for me. i might be missing something. but, it is madness.

      "I’m not stupid enough to need to stream anything."

      Yeah! All those people streaming are big stupid heads. >:(

        Yes, in that they have created problems for themselves which they then need to solve, when they could be living their lives without those problems in the first place.

          Must be a grand life knowing the way you live and do things is the only way. That you are right and everyone else is wrong, even if it serves their needs.

          All hail MotorMouth. He has fiqured out how to live a Utopian lifestyle that would suit everyone. I'm waiting for you utopian lifestyle quide/handbook/tv series to come out, so I can bask in your glorious an amazing intellect.

    Apple TV in the lounge room (for video and music), airport express connected to stereo in dining room. Stream everything via Airplay.

    ...I have a shared folder on my windows desktop that my windows media PC can see >_>;

    I use Apple tv 2 running xbmc eden hooked up through a networked Yamaha amp, using iPhone as remote control.

    Once we started using AirPlay for the stereo, we stopped using CDs. Then came AppleTV so that we could "project" phones/iPads/laptops to the tv.

    Now that we've got MOG (with it's unmetered downloading!), and it's built in AirPlay support, we've stopped buying music the old school way. I was skeptical about streaming music in the beginning, but it only took a few weeks to be completely sold. The unmetered content and AirPlay played a big part in that though.

    The TV is also power by Windows Media Center 7 with MediaBrowser for luck :-)

    My TV (LG 42LM6700) can connect to my WIFI network. With this, all I have to do is add music/movies to my windows media player library, and viola. I can access them on the telly, even via it's search funtions... The only problem with this, is the LG TV doesn't support ALL video types, but does play most of them with no problems at all.

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