Hilarious iPhone 5 Parody Video Tells The Truth About The iPhone 5

When you watch Apple talk about any of its products, it's always the same: ridiculously passionate comments about the tiniest details, inspirational music that hypnotises you to open your wallet, and a lot of catchy phrases and buzzwords that you're not even sure are real. But it's not all unicorn steel and rainbow glass with the iPhone 5!

This parody of the iPhone 5 promo video by John Elerick is the hilarious truth of what Apple really wants to say. Watch it. [YouTube]


    am i the only one who enjoyed that sex video more lol

    "Hilarious" is a bit of a stretch.

      I like a good iPhone parody as much as the next guy but this wasn't hilarious...


      I think 'funny' is even a bit of a stretch.

    swing... and miss

    Not laughing now.

    Nailed it
    so like, how many people are buying iPhone5's and how many people are going to wait for the white iPhone5.. cause like white is totally better

    seriously you think this is hilarious? what you meant to say was boooooooring...and not funny
    this blog is really losing it lately

    I lol'd. I'm not going to say it wasn't worth three minutes of my time.

      Was is seriously only 3 minutes, felt much longer.

    Wow. Hilarious stuff. Oh man. I have seen anything that funny since I woke us this morning and got ready for work. Hilarious!

    Loved it - only Apple fanboys would not have found it hilarious.

    Video...what video...I was too busy LMAO reading these comments...now these were funny!

    Hahaha, Vice President of iPhone Thickness!

    It's funny watching this surrounded my NOKIA ADVERTISEMENTS ALL OVER THE WEB SITE.... haha
    Actually wouldn't mind a Nokia after watching this video. I don't know why..?!

    Hang on... facetime over the mobile network? Is this part real, because my first 3g phone could do video calls to any other 3g phone that could do video calls. Guess Apple did it first on a closed network.

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