Here's Why Apple Could Probably Sell Anything

Selling a product, especially an Apple product, is as much about spin, vibe and hype as much as it is about the product itself. Don't believe me? Watch Jony Ive capture hearts and minds with a wonderful pitch for hotdogs in this Buzzfeed FWD parody.

Oh, and you know that old adage about watching sausage being made? It applies. Literally. [Buzzfeed FWD]


    so going to line up around the block now for a sausage!

    best sausage yet!!

    I think I want to go buy a hot dog.

    What's the link again? They both potentially give you cancer?

      No, they both give you the shits..!!

    stupid hot dog fan boys, hamburgers are better they come with more features!

      haha - love!

      ARGH. Seriously, the only thing worse than hot dog fanboys are people who constantly bitch and moan about hot dog fanboys. All of you just grow up already.

      Now, can someone please help me with my tofu patty? I could swear I 've installed the latest flavour kernel but I still can't taste anything...

    Damnit this just made me hungry

    What the hell, that didn't want me to buy anything. I feel horrible haven eaten those things!

      Yep, nauseous. Can't make, proper, sentence.. AAGHHhh.

      *That, didn't, *make, me, want, to, buy, anything... Sorry.

    Never want to eat hotdogs again. Pink paste - ugh.

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