Here's A Behind The Scenes Photo Of Nokia's Staged Lumia 920 Shoot

I don't even know what's real anymore. Is the my perception of the world the result of a screen being held up in front of my eyes? Are we in the Matrix? Existential quandaries aside, this is serious. We know Nokia faked up the Lumia 920 video stabilisation demo yesterday, but now Nokia has added the "simulation" tag to the photos it took with the Lumia 920 as well, and now the behind-the-scenes photos are out for proof.

Here are the photos that Nokia first claimed that it took with the Lumia 920 with optical image stabilisation (OIS) on.

Pretty sweet, right? Except you notice that the stills -- which we lifted from the now unlisted YouTube clip -- now bear the title "simulation of OIS technology".

What's more is that Irish designer, Youssef Sefsar has posted a behind-the-scenes image for the Lumia 920 photoshoot, complete with lightboxes and a fancy DSLR in frame.

Here are the images Nokia has uploaded to its blog that it says were taken with the Lumia 920 prototype:

It's all a bit sad then. These are great looking camera phone images, but why didn't Nokia just show us these to start with? [Youssef Sefsar]



    .....because they needed something amazing to be able to enter the race this late in the game. Fail.

    I think I got a little too excited about the 920 announcement. I'm sadfasing something savage now - was NOTHING REAL??

    It's not that it wasn't real, because prototypes and unfinished products etc. but there was a pure(view) implication that the presentation was a true representation of the actual pre-production product. This is especially true when they actually went into the stills photos that were explicitly stated as "taken with the 920" incl. the one of kids at the gridiron game.

    While this is not a hyperbole on the scale of Sony's claims for the PS3, I am disappoint.


    I WOUDLD NEVER EVER BUY Anything from this company after such a LIE!

      naww do you feel a wittle cheated. They've made a blunder, at least they have come clean. From what I have seen in review videos from the event the camera is really amazing and miles ahead of anything on the market at the moment.

      My Ipad never works as fast as the shortened sequences in their ADs. They do state this is small print for less than a second but is this any better or worse?

      Advertisers lie. If you think other vendors aren't using tricks then you're foolish.

        There's a difference between embellishing the truth, and lying outright. What Nokia did was take footage from a TOTALLY DIFFERENT CAMERA, and claim that theirs had recorded it. That's WRONG. You CAN'T dismiss that as a "trick of the trade".
        (also, the shortened Siri ads aren't as bad, because the speed of Siri was never an Apple selling point, only it's functionality is.)

    A non issue now.
    They admitted it hours, if not minutes, after they aired it. Chances are they didnt have a fully functional prototype when the shots where done and they needed to "simulate" the effect.
    It doesnt mean that why they show above isnt what you should expect, its that they just didnt use the same tech in the phone.

    Besides there are videos out now that show off the tech from the prototype and its damn impressive i have to say.

      so you like being handed salt instead of the sugar and then be told after you have eaten the salt, you apologise for confusing you with the salt , rather than admitting I lied to you off the bat?

      Remind me not to go to your restaurant!

      IT WAS AN OUT RIGHT LIE, from the start they knew it, and tried to lie to the public and got caught out.. and still cant admit they lied! thats the facts !!

        This would be the equivalent of being told it's salt before we've eaten it. Or even, using sugar to show us what the salt will look like once it's ready.

        No one has purchased the phone yet (ie. we haven't eaten the salt).

    It's all rather irrelevant. Whenever companies show sample images, they always tend to look great, even if they are not edited at all.
    1) images are take by a professional
    2) they usually have optimal lighting which includes on-site studio type lighting
    3) they're not hand-held
    4) they take thousands of shots and only show the ones that are great
    5) they use models
    6) they play to the strengths of the camera
    The independent reviewers will judge how well it meets the claims, real world photo quality and any flaws. OIS is a big deal ... if it works.

      That is not the point, i want to see what the device can do in the best circumstances, in the best hands. If i fail at doing that later on, then thats my fault not the maker of the device.

      If they DONT use the device to get the shots and claim that it was, then that is pure and simple deception, unless it is clearly stated BEFORE we see them.

        You're both right.
        I may never take shots as good as the ones in the promo pics, but I'd like to know that those promo shots are at least achievable - ie: taken with the same camera.

          It's just a shame to judge a camera on this basis. Especially if you take video into the equation. The amount of very expensive professional gear used means that the camera isn't operating under normal parameters and you can easily compensate for shortcomings. I know some got a bit excited but this it is pretty common for ads to be simulated. So much so that when something isn't, they usually make reference to the fact that it is actual unedited footage, above 6 points not withstanding. I'm defending Nokia a bit cos I believe this camera will deliver in the real world.... And I think as a result, it'll most likely replace my (4th) iPhone.

    I think more blame should rest on the moron ad agency they hired, it's not like they do that stuff in-house. Nokia are probably more angry than anyone else about this flub. Cretin Youssef Sefsa probably shouldn't be working in that industry if this was down to him- if it wasn't well, I apologise for calling him a cretin. :)

      Apologize hard. He's the guy who initially called BS on the video to start with, not the guy who made it.

    Mc Donalds lies to me every day with their pictures of their burgers. Not once have I received a burger similar to the picture. It's advertising. Advertising is lies. Siri works really well in the ads but how well in actual fact.

      The burger is a lie!

      Yeah, I know, but I can't be bothered

        hahaha +1 for effort

    Their are some really naive people here.

    Welcome to planet earth, this is advertising.

      I agree! WTF is wrong with you people. Do you all believe the Apple ad's when they advertise?
      particularly how easy and fast they make everything look?
      Get real.. Im still pumped for this phone, I for one dont give 2 shites about this debacle! I WANT OUT OF iTUNES and THIS NOKIA will do what I want..
      Paired with my MS Surface Pro and the sale of my iPAD.. I will live the Apple free life again..
      Cant wait!

    I think u should update your article

    I dunno.... I mean I always take advertisements at face value...
    I once saw a river in Tasmania that could turn an empty bottle in a bottle of beer! Amazing!! and a deodorant that will make ladies scream boom chika wow wow when nearby!


    Brilliant advertising, and most people don't even realize they are being advertised to :)

    I can't believe all the complaints about some Advertising. Hell EVERY company 'exaggerates' or uses things to bring us the impression of what they are selling.. What sucks is that all of these websites decide that Nokia has 'done them wrong' Hello.... Apple doe the same sh*t.. and so does Google, along with every other company that advertises anything.

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