Here's A Behind The Scenes Photo Of Nokia's Staged Lumia 920 Shoot

I don't even know what's real anymore. Is the my perception of the world the result of a screen being held up in front of my eyes? Are we in the Matrix? Existential quandaries aside, this is serious. We know Nokia faked up the Lumia 920 video stabilisation demo yesterday, but now Nokia has added the "simulation" tag to the photos it took with the Lumia 920 as well, and now the behind-the-scenes photos are out for proof.

Here are the photos that Nokia first claimed that it took with the Lumia 920 with optical image stabilisation (OIS) on.

Pretty sweet, right? Except you notice that the stills — which we lifted from the now unlisted YouTube clip — now bear the title "simulation of OIS technology".

What's more is that Irish designer, Youssef Sefsar has posted a behind-the-scenes image for the Lumia 920 photoshoot, complete with lightboxes and a fancy DSLR in frame.

Here are the images Nokia has uploaded to its blog that it says were taken with the Lumia 920 prototype:

It's all a bit sad then. These are great looking camera phone images, but why didn't Nokia just show us these to start with? [Youssef Sefsar]

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