Here Are Two Photos From Tomorrow's Apple Event Sent From The Future

Apart from that phone lost in a bar, the iPhone 5 is the most leaked phone in Apple's history. We basically know -- with 99% certainty -- what it will look like when it gets in white and black versions.

So why wait to get pictures of Tim Cook doing his show-and-tell? Gizmodo reader Martin Hajek sent these two pictures from the future. And since we are at it, here's also capture of Apple's Apple home page too, also taken in the future. And here's the review too. Or something. Whatever, man.

Tomorrow is going to be like a rerun, man. It's going to be so heavy.

(Still, come to our liveblog for all the details.)



    Is it that predictable or have Apple started supplying to the media before the announcement/s?

    $199!!!!! I WANT ONE!!!!! (ps since when did he look so much like steve jobs)

      That would be "+ 24 month contract of at least $75/month".

    Is time traveling messaging a feature of the iPhone 5?

      Hope not. Apple might patent the flow of time and then we are all screwed!

    points for BTTF shiz

    199 for an iphone.. try $850

    got to love that " austrailan tax!"

      That's the contract price in America. We get it for nothing upfront, and pay progressively.

        $650 in the USA outright: - though it appears to be still pretty much locked into AT&T. Cheaper at the moment from Kogan: $600+20 postage.

        The approximate equivalent plan AT&T at $90/month (450 mins+3GB data+unlimited SMS) on Telstra is $100/month ($900 "value"+2GB data+unlimited SMS). AT&T also have a $36 "activation charge", plus the $200 up front. So in both cases it's ~$2400 over two years. (Assuming USD-AUD at parity, rounding everywhere)

        If you don't mind the Optus network Virgin's equivalent plan is $64/month ($1536) Or Amaysim $40/m for unlimited calling plus outright phone ($1580). To get unlimited calling on AT&T or Telstra would require an additional $720 over the two years.

        I'm not sure how much more the new iPhone will be!

          Oh wait, AT&T's prices are actually much higher because they don't include tax. I just noticed the line item "Estimated sales tax $56.87" on the "pay today" figure (28% tax!?) and the monthly fees do not have any tax included, so I have minimal idea what hidden fees and taxes will actually be charged. Of course I entered 90210 as "my ZIP" and AFAIK California has a high-ish tax rate, so YMMV.

      its contract price, but still better because they can probably choose a $10 or $20 a month contract. Better off buying outright here and using $12 liveconnected plan, thats what I did for my Galaxy s3.

    What a rip off, the difference between the 16GB model and the 64GB model is NOTHING but a slightly bigger NAND chip costing around $20 in manufacturing costs. seems like daylight robbery to me,

    correct me if im wrong but is there any other difference between these phones?.....

    I get the feeling these are either computer generated superimposed images or from the event dress rehersal

    How about mentioning the 24+ hour worldwide iCloud outage on the eve of the big iPhone announcement, huh?!?

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