Have You Ever Demolished A Misbehaving Gadget Out Of Sheer Rage?

When you get angry, throwing something at a wall is always the got-to solution that never works. Well, it might work at making you feel better for that split second before the horror sets in and components scatter across the floor.

At uni, I once split a phone in half by chucking at a wall for reasons that, I must admit, I don't entirely remember. There may have been alcohol involved and it may have had more to do with my clumsy thumbs than the phone. In any event, my poor (and new, at the time) LG Cosmos did not survive, and split clean in two. I regretted it once I found myself searching for a cheap beater phone on eBay, but at the time, it was cathartic. At least I imagine it was.

How about you? I can't be the only (stupid, impulsive) one. Have you busted game controllers, shattered phone screens, summoned a burst of hulk-like rage to up and launch an entire monitor across the room? Or are you a zen master, completely in control of your periodic urges to smash smash smash?

Image by Edw/Shutterstock

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