Has The iPhone 5 Already Been Jailbroken?

The wonderful devs who jailbreak iPhones have appeared to have already jailbroken the iPhone 5. Yes, the iPhone 5 that just came out. According to Grant Paul (aka chpwn) on the jailbreak scene, he's already got Cydia — the de facto jailbreak App Store — running on the new iPhone.

However, just because devs have tapped into the iPhone 5 already, it doesn't mean a public availability for a jailbreak for regular joe schmo is imminent. There's still a lot of kinks to figure out. But of course it doesn't hurt to have a talented dev already crack the iPhone 5 and load Cydia onto it only a few hours after the phone's been released. So stay tuned, we'll definitely be keeping you updated on the jailbreak status of the iPhone 5. [@chpwn]

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