Harman Kardon's Iconic Soundsticks Go Wireless

Ever since they first arrived in 2001, Harman Kardon's Soundsticks always stuck a harmonious chord in balancing price, looks and performance. Designed by Jonny Ive himself, the first Soundsticks were inducted into MoMA's permanent collection. Now they've gone wireless.

For the most part, the speakers are the same: 10 watts in each satellite and 20 watts going into the subwoofer. Now it has Bluetooth baked in too, and although that may not offer quite the same audio fidelity as a wired connection, it does mean a cleaner appearance for those more concerned with aesthetics. But that convenience comes at an added cost. Instead of the $US200 price tag of the Soundsticks III (which can be had even cheaper on the street), expect to pay $US230. [Harman Kardon]


    they need a pair of these in black or something, the clear acrylic makes them look cheap and tacky

      I don't think they'd look good in black. The beauty of the clear sub will be completely undone.

        Wasn't there a smoky black set in the G3 days?

        My school had a set of the original ones when they upgraded to the shiny Macs for the teachers computer. I always wanted a pair...

    The design and use of materials is timeless. That's what makes them classic.

    So the satellite speakers are completely wireless? So they take batteries for power now and how long do they last.

    I find more and more that wireless is not the solution to a problem but simply the cause of others.

      No. They are the same wired speakers as before, they can just now accept audio streams from bluetooth A2DP sources.

    It'd be great if they added an optical in so that we could use them as 2.1 home theatre systems

    I dont want to see another wireless device that uses electricity(all of them) its a crock of shit, and frankly its far cleaner running speaker cables than power to each speaker. Think people, think!!!!

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