Hack The Nexus 7 To Shoot 720p Video

Hack The Nexus 7 To Shoot 720p Video

When you get a Nexus 7, the quality of the camera probably isn’t your top concern. But, if you want your device to be the best it can be, you’ll have to hack the camera to shoot at a higher resolution. The enterprising folk over at XDA Forums have made life a little easier in that department.

Out of the box, the Nexus 7 will only shoot video in 480p, but the device can support 720p shooting at a hardware level. So why doesn’t it?

New Zealand developer hillbeast — also the mastermind behind the hack — says that Google simply just didn’t tell the device how to shoot in 720p. Strange.

From the video hillbeast has posted, it seems to be working a treat, too.

Nexus 7 video at 480p:

Nexus 7 video at 720p:

Works a charm. [XDA Forums via Lifehacker Australia]